The Lounge Lizards: The Lounge Lizards (1981)

The lounge lizards

Track list:

01. Incident On South Street
02. Harlem Nocturne
03. Do The Wrong Thing
04. Au Contraire Arto
05. Well You Needn’t
06. Ballad
07. Wangling
08. Conquest Of Rar
09. Demented
10. I Remember Coney Island
11. Fatty Walks
12. Epistrophy
13. You Haunt Me


John Lurie: Saxophone
Evan Lurie: Keyboards
Steve Piccolo: Bass
Arto Lindsay: Guitar
Anton Fier: Drums

Released: 1981
Label: EG – EEGCD 8
Producer: Teo Macero

Recorded at: CBS Recording Studios (New York); July 21-22 / July 28-29, 1980
Engineer: Frank Laico, Ted Brosman
Mixed by Don Pulse (at CBS Recording Studios (New York); August 6 / August 14-15, 1980

Cover Photography: Fran Pelzman
Design: Peter Saville

” Anton Frier uses Sonor drums and Paiste cymbals
Special Thanks to Leisa Auralia Stroud, Bob Partnoy, Charlie Beesley, Tom Wright, Daniel Sachs, Bob Crozier and P.A.S.S. ”


The self-titled debut album from The Lounge Lizards is a demented tongue-in-cheek take on jazz, played with a punk attitude. If you just read the word ‘jazz’, and have been scared off by the thought of 7 minute drum solos and clichéd love lyrics please don’t go; this not your usual jazz band. What you will hear is sleazy swing, noise, some funk and a ballad called ‘Ballad’, all delivered in a chaotic and manic fashion. Most of the songs were composed by saxophonist John Lurie who hasn’t been as active as he used to be due to illness, however, you might already know him from the television series Fishing with John or a few Jim Jarmusch films. Lurie also composed some of the music for the film Get Shorty.

One more thing worth mentioning is Arto Lindsay’s approach to playing the guitar. Over the course of the album I think he plays about three ‘normal’ notes while the rest of the time is spent treating the guitar like a percussive instrument and making abrasive, twangy noises. Imagine somebody furiously trying to break amplified guitar strings with a fork and you’ll get the idea.