Alice Coltrane: Ptah, The El Daoud (1970) 1999

Ptah The El Daoud

Track list:

A1 01. Ptah, The El Daoud (13:58)
A2 02. Turiya and Ramakrishna (8:19)

B1 03. Blue Nile (6:58)
B2 04. Mantra (16:33)


Alice Coltrane: piano, harp
Pharoah Sanders: tenor sax, alto flute, bells (right channel)
Joe Henderson: tenor sax, alto flute (left channel)
Ron Carter: bass
Ben Riley: drums

Released: 1970
Label: impulse! AS-9196

Producer: Ed Michel

Recorded in the studio at the Coltrane home (Dix Hills, New York); January 26, 1970
Engineer: W.L. Barneke

Liner Notes: Leonard Feather

Photography and occasional bells: Chuck Stewart
Design: The Institute for Better Vision