Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson: It’s Your World (1976) 2000

It's Your World

Track list:

Just Before Sundown:
01. It’s Your world
02. Possum Slim
03. New York City

04. 17th Street
05. (Tomorrow’s) Trane [formerly: ‘Gospel Trane’]
06. Must Be Something

Late Evening:
07. Home Is Where The Hatred Is
08. Bicentennial Blues

Midnight and Morning:
09. The Bottle
10. Sharing


Gil Scott-Heron: vocals, electric piano (‘The Bottle’)
Brian Jackson: piano, electric piano, synthesiser (‘Possum Slim’), flute (‘The Bottle’), vocals
The Midnight Band:
Danny Bowens: elctric bass, vocals
Victor Brown: vocals (solo ‘Sharing’)
Bilal Sunni-Ali: tenro sax, flute
Barnett Williams: congas (‘The Bottle’), percussion
Tony Duncanson: congas, bongos, timbales (solo ‘The Bottle’)
Reggie Brisbane: drums (traps), percussion
Delbert Taylor: trumpet
Horn arrangements on ‘It’s Your World’ by Bilal Sunni-Ali
Song arrangements for ‘New York City’ by Bowens, Brisbane, Scott-Heron

Released: 1976
Label: TVT records / Rumal-Gai

Producer: Gil Scott-Heron, Brian Jackson
Associate producer: Tom Wilson

Recorded live with FEDCO mobile recording unit on July 1&2 (1976) at Paul’s Mall (Boston, Massachusetts);
at Electric Lady Studios (NYC); & at American Star Studios, (Merrifield, VA)

Recorded & mixed by Ralph Moss
Assisted by Neal Teeman, Ted Bodner, Jerry Solomon
Road Crew:
Nyya Lark: sound engineer
Tom Abney: road manager
Dennis Peyton: assistant road manager

” Thanks also to Fred Payne, Alice Coltrane, Joe, Red, Manny, Danny, Tripp, Bob Brock, and the entire Midnight-Charisma Family ”

Liner notes: Gil Scott-Heron (July/14/2000)

Cover Art: StanleyFawkes Burnside
Liner and back Photography: Bruce Taloman

The Gil Scott-Heron Collection
Remastering: Malcolm Cecil
A&R representative: Adam Shore
Layout: Emily Harrison