Benny Goodman: Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert (1938)

Carnegie Hall Jazz Concert

Track list:

Disc 1:
1-01. Benny Goodman 1950 Introduction [0:54]
1-02. Don’t Be That Way [4:27]
1-03. Sometimes I’m Happy [4:11]
1-04. One O’Clock Jump [6:35]
1-05. Applause, Transition To Twenty Years Of Jazz [0:41]
1-06. Sensation Rag [1:20]
1-07. I’m Coming Virginia [2:12]
1-08. When My Baby Smiles At Me [0:51]
1-09. Shine [1:08]
1-10. Blue Reverie [3:12]
1-11. Applause; Transition Back To Goodman Orchestra [0:22]
1-12. Life Goes To A Party [4:05]
1-13. Setting Up For Jam Session [0:47]
1-14. Honeysuckle Rose [16:35]
1-15. Applause; Setting-Up & Tuning Up For BG Small Groups [1:00]
1-16. Body And Soul [3:10]
1-17. Applause As Lionel Hampton Enters [0:27]
1-18. Avalon [4:22]
1-19. The Man I Love [3:28]
1-20. I Got Rhythm [4:41]
1-21. Pause Track [0:06]

Disc 2:
2-01. Blue Skies [3:25]
2-02. Loch Lomond [2:54]
2-03. Applause; Benny Goodman’s ‘No Encore’ Announcement [1:14]
2-04. Blue Room [2:50]
2-05. Swingtime In The Rockies [2:25]
2-06. Applause; Martha Tilton Returns To Stage [0:21]
2-07. Bei Mir Bist Du Schoen [3:55]
2-08. Applause; Setting-Up For BG Small Groups [0:32]
2-09. China Boy [4:59]
2-10. Stompin’ At The Savoy [5:42]
2-11. Applause; BG Quartet Continues But Changes Program [0:23]
2-12. Dizzy Spells [5:38]
2-13. Applause; Transition Back To Goodman Orchestra For Finale [0:41]
2-14. Sing Sing Sing (With A Swing) [12:02]
2-15. Applause Until Encores [1:03]
2-16. If Dreams Come True [2:34]
2-17. Applause For Second Encore [0:21]
2-18. Big John’s Special [3:41]
2-19. Pause Track [0:06]

Benny Goodman 1950 tune-by-tune introductions:
2-20. Introduction [0:26]
2-21. Don’t Be That Way [0:21]
2-22. Twenty Years Of Jazz [0:16]
2-23. Blue Reverie [0:24]
2-24. Life Goes To A Party [0:27]
2-25. Body And Soul [0:46]
2-26. Avalon [0:25]
2-27. Swingtime In The Rockies [0:19]
2-28. Conclusion [0:16]


Benny Goodman and His Orchestra:
Benny Goodman (cl);
Ziggy Elamn, Chris Griffin, Harry James (tp);
Red Ballard, Vernon Brown (tb);
Hyme Schertzer (lead alto), George Koening, Art Rollini, Babe Russin (reeds);
Jess Stacy (p); Allan Reuss (g); Harry Goodman (b);
Gene Krupa (d);
Martha Tilton (vo)[Loch Lomond, Bei Mir Bist Du Scheon];
Benny Goodman (vo)[Loch Lomond]

Benny Goodman Trio:
Benny Goodman (cl); Teddy Wilson (p); Gene Krupa (d)

Benny Goodman Quartet:
Benny Goodman (cl); Lionel Hampton (vibes; Teddy Wilson (p); Gene Krupa (d)

Jam Session:
Benny Goodman (cl);
Buck Clayton, Harry James (tp); Vernon Brown (tb);
Johnny Hodges (as); Lester Young (ts); Harry Carney (bs);
Count Basie (p); Freddie Green (g); Walter Page (b); Gene Krupa (d)

History of Jazz [Collective Personnel]:
Benny Goodman (cl);
Harry James (tp); Bobby Hackett (c); Vernon Brown (tb);
Johnny Hodges (ss); Harry Carney (bs);
Jess Stacy (p); Allan Reuss (g); Harry Goodman (b);
Gene Krupa (d); BG Orchestra

Originally Released as “Benny Goodman at Carnegie Hall”: 1950 | Label: Columbia Masterworks SL 160
This compilation Rleased: 1999 | Label: Columbia/Legacy C2K 65143

Benny Goodman’s 1950 coments are from a 12″ 78 RPM discs sent to DJ’s at the time of the original release.
The Script that accompanied it suggested ways to use it.
The recoridng ohas been edited to the purposes of this release.

Orignal Recording Produceed by Albert Marx
Produced for Reissue by Phil Schaap

Recorded: Sunday January 16, 1938

Re-mastering and Restoration: Phil Schaap
Digital Engineers: Seth Forster, Joe Palmaccio, Darcy Proper, Tom ‘Curly’ Ruff, Phil Schaap, Rob Schwartz, Mark Wilder

Additional Engineering: Ken Robertson
digital Master prepared by Tom ‘Curly’ Ruff

Original Liner Notes: Irving Kolodin
Additonal Liner Notes: Turk van Lake, Phil Schaap

Reissue Design: Randall Martin
Photography: Lawrence Marx, Jr. (courtesy of Mr. Marx and Carnegie Hall Archives)