Australian index

Since March 13th, 2012, I’ve been archiving The Record Collection. Here is a listing of the Australian albums that I’ve archived so far…


1927: ish – the Very Best of |


AC/DC: Back in Black – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (aust)/(usa) – Highway to Hell – TNT  |
Geoff Achison:  Classically Blue  –  Genevieve  –  Mystery Train –
Randall Bramblett & Geoff Achison: Jammin’ In The Attic –
Chris Wilson & Geoff Achison: Box of Blues |
Peter Allen: Not the Boy Next Door |
Robyn Archer: A Star is Torn – Robyn Archer sings Brecht  |
Arena: Arena  |
Ariel: Ariel Live!! – More From Before  |
Astro’s: Astro’s  |
The Audreys: ‘Til My Tears Roll Away – Between Last Night and Us  |
Albury City Band: Albury City Band (2003) |
Austen Tayshus: Lounge Lizard Live  |
Australian Jazz Quartet: The Australian Jazz Quartet/Quintet |
Australian Jazz Quintet: at the Varsity Drag  |
Kelly Auty: Mademoiselle Chante  |
Ayers Rock: Big Red Rock  |


Baby Animals: Baby Animals – Il Grande Silenzio – Shaved and Dangerous – This is not The End  |
Bachelors From Prague:  Birth of The Fool  –  The Energetic Cool  |
The Backsliders:  Hellhound  –  Live At The Royal  –  Wide Open  |
Chris Bailey: Demons  |  Nick Barker & The Reptiles: After The Show  |
Tom Baker [tp]: Tom Baker’s San Francisco Jazz Band 1976-1977 |
Dale Barlow [sx]: Dale Barlow Live  |
Jimmy Barnes: for the working class man – Freight Train Heart – Hindsight – 30:30 Hindsight – Soul Searchin’   |
Mahalia Barnes, the Soul Mates: Ooh Yea – volume 1 – volume 2 [EP]  |
Beasts of Bourbon: Black Milk – Sour Mash – The Axeman’s Jazz – The Low Road  |
Big Pig: Big Pig (EP) – Bonk – You Lucky People  |
The Birthday Party: Prayers On Fire  |
Alastair Black, Stephan Richter: Balanda Dancing |
the Blackeyed Susans: Reveal Yourself 1989-2009  |
Blackfeather: Boppin’ the Blues – Boppin’ The Blues [2010] |
Mr Black & Blues (Michael Pollitt): Blow These Tracks  |
The Black Sorrows: Dear Children – Harley & Rose – Sonola  |
Blue Heat:  Marooned  |

Blue Ruin:  Flame  – Such Sweet Thunder  |
Eric Bogle: When The Wind Blows  |
Eric Bogle, John Munro: The Emigrant and the Exile |
Bernard Bolan: Send The City Sunshine  |
Bondi Cigars:  After Closing Time – Bad Weather Blues  –  Bondi Cigars – Got The News – Mercy  |
Boom Crash Opera: These Are Crazy Times |
Kevin Borich Express:  Celebration  –  Collection  –  Live!  |
Fiona Boyes: Blues in MY Heartgimme some… Sweet Jelly Roll  |
Mike Brady: Invisible Man  |
David Bridie: Wake  |
Kate Burke, Ruth Hazleton: Declaration  |
Alex Burns & Nick Charles:  Cordially Yours  –  The Road More Travelled |
Don Burrows [cl,fl]: Burrows’ Jazz Brothers – A Retrospective – Burrows at the Winery – The First 50 Years (vol 1)  |
The John Butler Trio: Grand National – Living 2001-2001  |


Brian Cadd: White On White  |
Captain Matchbox Whoopee Band: Australia – Juggling Time (single) – Making Whoopee – Slightly Troppo – Smoke Dreams – The Great stumble Forward – Wangaratta Wahine /[2014] |
Kev Carmody: Pillars of Society  |
The Cat Empire: Steal the Light |
Catfish: Ruby – Unlimited Address  |
Nick Cave: From Her to Eternity  |
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds:  B-Sides & Rarities  –  Kicking Against The Pricks  – Skeleton Tree  –  The Best of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds  –  The Firstborn Is Dead  –  The Singer (single)  –  Your Funeral… My Trial  |

The Celibate Rifles: Beyond Respect – Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – On The Quiet – Roman Beach Party – Sideroxylon – Ten Thousand Days – The Celibate Rifles (aka 5 Languages) – The Turgid Miasma Of Existence  |
Chain: Toward The Blues [30th Anniversary edition] – Two of a Kind  |
The Church: Persia (EP)SeanceStarfish – Under the Milky Way (the best of)  |
Richard Clapton: Girls on the Avenue – the Definitive Anthology |
William Clauson: Click Go The Shears  |

Cobbers: Cobbers by RequestPortraits of Australian WomenRolling Home  |
Cold Chisel:  East – No Plans – The Perfect Crime – You’re Thirteen, You’re Beautiful and You’re Mine (EP)  |
Collard Greens & Gravy: More Gravy! – Silver Bird  |
Coloured Stone: Island of Greed – Koonibba Rock  |
Conway Brothers Hiccups Orchestra: Dinosaur Songs – Conway Brothers Hiccups Orchestra  |

Deborah Conway & Willy Zygier: Stories of Ghosts  |
Mic Conway, Robbie Long: Street of Dreams |
Mic Conway’s National Junk Band: 21st Century Sink |
The Coober Pedy University Band: Moon Plain (EP)  |
Cookin’ on 3 Burners: Baked, Broiled and FriedSoul Messin’  |
Corpse Grinders: Kustom Grinds of the 80’s  |
Andy Cowan: After The Rain – Troubadour Nights  |

Crash Politics: Mothers’ Intention  |
Crime and The City Solution: The Dangling Man (EP)  |
Crowded House: Temple of Low Men  |
The Cruel Sea: The Honeymoon is Over – Three Legged Dog  |
Stephen Cummings: Love TownThis Wonderful Life  |
Cut The Cheese: Chunk – the Album  |


Daddy Cool: Daddy Who? – The Best of Daddy Cool  |
Daly-Wilson Big Band: The Exciting Daly-Wilson Big Band (ft. Kerrie Biddell)  |
The Dark Horses: Tunnel At The End Of The light  |
the Darling Downs: From One to Another  |
Damon Davies:  Ride This Train |
Depression: Australia, Australia – Hardcore History  |
Died Pretty: Free Dirt – Next To Nothing (EP)  |
Dan Dinnen: Last Thing On My Mind  |
Directions In Groove: Dig Deeper  |
Divinyls: Best of Divinyls |
Do-Ré-Mi: Domestic Harmony – The Happiest Place in Town – The Waiting Room (EP)  |
Graham Dodsworth: Summer Madness  |
Dragon [NZ/Aust]: Body and The Beat  |
Dropbears: Shall We Go (single) |
The Dugites: Cut The Talking  |
Slim Dusty: Dusty Tracks |
Mia Dyson: Parking Lots  |


Earth Watch: Earth Watch  |
Mal Eastick:  The Southern Line  |
The Easybeats: Friday on my Mind [1992] – The Singles (A’s & B’s)  |
Kutcha Edwards: Hope  |
Phil Emmanuel: Kakadu Sunrise  |
Tommy Emmanuel:  Classical Gas  –  Dare to be Different – Up From Down Under |
Tommy Emmanuel, Martin Taylor: The Colonel and The Governor  |
Jon English: It’s All A Game  |


Warren Fahey and the Larrikins: Billy of Tea  |
Chet Faker: Built on Glass  |
Fanny Adams: Fanny Adams |
Fargone Beauties, the: The Fargone Beauties  |
John Farnham: Age of Reason [12-inch single] |
Fastbuck: Drinking With The Boys (EP)   |
Billy Field: Bad Habits  |
Flowers: Icehouse  |
The Flying Emus: Look Out Below  |
Bill Fontana: sound sculpture  |
Footscray-Yarraville City Band: Victors Return  |
Robert Forster:  Songs To Play – WasserMusik Berlin 2013 – WeekEnd #3   |
Frente: Labour of Love [EP] – Marvin The Album [2014] – Shape |
the Fumes: Sundancer  |


G Men:  Red Dirt Blues  |
The Gadflys: Guru  |
Galapagos Duck: Ebony Quill  – Endangered Species – Magnum – St James – The Removalists -OST – The Voyage of the Beagle [1992]  |
GANGgajang: the Essential GANGgajang |
Peter Garrett: A New Version of Now  |
Bobby Gebert [p]: The Sculptor |
Joe Geia: Yil Lull  |
Renee Geyer: Blues License – It’s a Man’s Man’s World – Ready to Deal |
The Giants:  Live At Broadford  |
Mark Gillespie: Ring of Truth  |
The Go-betweens: 16 Lovers Lane – 1978-1990 – Before HollywoodLiberty Belle and the Black Diamond Express |
Gondwanaland: Gondwanaland  |
Gotye: Making Mirrors  |
Paul Grabowsky [p]: Solo  |
The Dave Graney Show: Heroic Blues  |
Gravity Pirates: This Way To The Cargo Cult  |
John Greenway: Australian Folksongs and Ballads  |
Mario Gregorie: Edge of the Ivories  |

James Griffin: True Love & The Many Meanings of Invisibility  |
Slava Grigoryan: Another Night in London  |
Ash Grunwald: Give Signs  – I don’t Believe – Introducing Ash Grundwald  |
Dr. G Yunupingu: Gurrumul – His Life and Music – Rrakala  |


Lynne Hamilton: On The Inside  |
The Hard-Ons: Hot for Your Love, Baby  |
The Hawking Brothers: Special Edition  |
Colin Hay: New Year People – Peaks and Valleys – Topanga |
Colin Hay Band: Wayfaring Sons  |
Hiatus Kaiyote: Tawk Tomahawk  |
Tony Hicks [sx]: Two Years |
Missy Higgins: Oz  |
The Hippos: Hippocracy  |
the Hitmen: the Hitmen [2007]  |
Dave Hole:  Short Fuse Blues  –  Steel on Steel  –  The Plumber  –  Working Overtime   |
Honeymoon in Green: Angels Bringing  |
The Hoochie Coochie Men: The Hoochie Coochie Men  |
Hoodoo Gurus: Ampology – Mars Needs Guitars – Stoneage Romeos  |
Ella Hooper: In Tongues   |
Tim Hopkins [sx]: Pandora’s Box |
Steve Hoy: Life Next Door  |
Bob Hudson: Newcastle Song  |
Ruby Hunter: Feeling Good – Thoughts Within – Ruby’s Story |
Hunters & Collectors: Human Frailty – Hunters & Collectors – Jaws of Life  |
Hush: Aloud ‘n’ Live |
Huxton Creepers: 12 Days To Paris – Keep To The Beat – So This is Paris  |


I Spit On Your Gravy: Fruit Loop City  |
Ice Cream Hands: Ice Cream Hands [EP] – Memory Lane Traffic Jam – Sweeter Than The Radio  |
Icehouse: No Promises (ext’d single) – White Heat (30 Hits)  |
INXS: Shabooh Shoobah  |
Mark Isaacs [p]: For Sure – Preludes  |


Jack Frost: Jack Frost  |
Shirley Jacobs: A Voice from the City – Songs of Love and Freedom |
Jazz Co/op  |
Jo Jo Zep: Cha – Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons: Hats Off Step Lively – Screaming Targets – The Sound of Jo Jo Zep and The Falcons |
Bartholomew John: Harbour  |
The Johnnys: Grown Up WrongHighlights of a Dangerous Life  |
Kevin Johnson: A Man of the 20th Century – The Best of Kevin Johnson  |
Igantius Jones: Like A Ghost (ext single)  |
Vince Jones [vcl,tp]: Future Girl – Vince Jones, Paul Grabowsky [vcl,tp,p]: Provenance  |    |


Jim Keays: The Boy From The Stars  |
Paul Kelly: Gossip – Post – Songs From The South, volumes 1-2 – Spring and Fall – Wanted Man |
Paul Kelly and the Dots: Manila  |
Paul Kelly, Neil Finn: Goin’ Your way  |
Paul Kelly, Charlie Owen: Death’s Dateless Night |
John Kennedy: Have Songs Will Travel  |
J.F.K. and The Cuban Crisis: The End of the Affair  |
Steve Kilbey: The Slow Crack  |
The Kinsfolk: The Kinsfolk Collection  |
Don Kneebone: Where The Mountain Waters Flow  |
John and Mary Kopke: The Ship Mahogany |
Ku Klux Frankenstein: Ku Klux Frankenstein (EP)  |
Ed Kuepper:  Everybody’s Got To – Honey Steel’s Gold – Today Wonder  |
Kush: Snow White… and The Eight Straights  |


The La De Da’s [NZ/Aust]: Rock’n’Roll Decade (1964-74) – Rock and Roll Sandwich  |
Jack Ladder: Playmates  |
Jeff Lang:  Whatever Makes You Happy |
The Larrikins: Navvy on the Line |
Laughing Clowns: Cruel, But Fair  – Eternally Yours (single)  |
Ben Lee: Breathing Tornados  |
Levi Smith’s Clefs: Empty Monkey [2008] |
The Liberators: The Liberators – Power Struggle  |
The Lighthouse Keepers: Tales Of The Unexpected |
Lil’ Fi & the Delta Rhythm Kings:  Yip-Yah!  |
The Lime Spiders: Nine Miles High 1985-1990 – Slave Girl (EP)The Cave Comes Alive!  |
Little Heroes: Little Heroes  |
Little River Band: The Definitive Collection  |
Kirk Lorange: No Apostrophe  |
Damien Lovelock: It’s Wig Wig Wig Wig World (Cracks n the Prism)  |


The Mad Turks from Istanbul: Cafe Istanbul  |
The Makers: The Makers  |
Phil Manning:  Can’t Stop  –  The Back Shed – The Essential Acoustic Collection |
Martha’s Vineyard: Martha’s Vineyard  |
Brian May: the very best of Brian May and the ABC Melbourne Showband – The World of Musicals  |
Gordon McIntyre, Danny Spooner: Revived and Relieved |
Craig McLachlan: Craig McLachlan and Check 1-2 |
Kate Meehan:  As Long As I’ve Sung The Blues  |
Melbourne Ska Orchestra: Melbourne Ska Orchestra  |
Men At Work: Business As Usual  |
Mental as Anything: Brain Brain (single ext mix) |
Midnight Oil: 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1Red Sails in the Sunset – The Dead Heart (ext single)  |
Mississippi: Mississipp [EP] – Mississippi [LP]  |
Lisa Mitchell: Bless This Mess – Wonder  |

Models: Cut Lunch (mini lp)  |
The Moffs: The Moffs  |
Mojo Juju: Mojo Juju  |
The Mojos:  Sassy Mama  |
Monash Art Ensemble: Monash Art Ensemble  |
Russell Morris: Red Dirt Red Heart – Retrospective [1978 EMI] – Russell Morris – Sharkmouth – Van Diemen’s Land  |
James Morrison [tp]: Snappy Too – Three’s Company  |
Moscos & Stone:  Moscos & Stone  |
Moving Picture: Days of Innocence  |
The Steve Murphy Quartet: Direct!  |
Mustered Courage: Powerlines  |
My Friend The Chocolate Cake:  Brood – Fiasco – My Friend The Chocolate Cake  |


The Necks: Chemist  |
The New Christs: Devine Rites [LP]  |
Mike Nock [p]: Ondas – Mike Nock Project: Meeting of The Waters  |
Mike Nock trio: Not We But One  |
Mike Nock, Dave Liedman: Duologue  |
The Col Nolan Soul Syndidate: Live at Jason’s  |
Katie Noonan and Karin Schaupp: Songs of the Latin Skies – Songs of the Southern Skies  |
Not Drowning, Waving: Another Pond – Claim – Cold and the Crackle – Follow the Geography (a compilation) – I Did (EP) – Tabaran – The Sing Sing (EP) |
The Nubiles: Goin’ to the Country  |


Andrew Oh [sx]: Silk  |
Ol’ 55: Time To Rock’n’Roll (Anthology) |
Orianthi: best of Orianthi… vol. 1  |
The Original Sweaty Palms Orchestra: The Original Sweaty Palms Orchestra  |
Cathie O’Sullivan: Dark Pleasures & Angels – Inside Dry Water |
Cathie O’Sullivan with Cleis Pearce: High Places  |
Rick Otton: What’s Cookin’ hosted by Clarrie and Barrie   |
Oxo Cubans: More  |


Painters & Dockers: Bucket – Kiss My Art – Love Planet  |
The Paper Kites: States – Woodland & Young North (EPs)  |
The Paramount Trio:  Step it up and go  |
Doug Parkinson: Heartbeat to Heartbeat  |
Peak: Ebondàzzar  |
Tex Perkins: Far Be It From Me – The Best of Tex Perkins (Songs from My Black Cattledog)  |
Alex Pertout [perc]: Alex Pertout [LRJ 273] |
Pirana: Pirana/Pirana II (Two Originals)  |
Plan 8: Live [You Were There] – Undecided (12″ single)  |
Pond: Beard, Wives, Denim – Hobo Rocket  |
The Pony: Thorns and Cutlery   |
The Promise: One in Every Colour   |
Tumbleweeds and Cocktails [Aust]: Tumbleweeds and Cocktails [TZ004CD] |
Pyramid: Pryamid – Sunshower  |

Q:  R:

Radio Birdman: Radios Appear – Ritualism – Soldiers of Rock’n’Roll – Under The Ashes  |
Ratcat: Ratcat [EP] – This Nightmare  |
Helen Reddy: Helen Reddy’s Greatest Hits |
Redgum: Brown Rice and Kerosine – Caught in The Act – Frontline – Virgin Ground  |
The Reels: 5 Great Gift Ideas  |
Ring London:  Friday Live – Grunt  –  Uncontrollable  |
The Riptides:  Resurface – Riptides  |
the Ritz Company: Go Into Your Dance – Putting on the Ritz  |

Archie Roach: Charcoal Lane – Creation [box set] – Into The Bloodstream – Music Deli Presents Archie Roach  |
Margret Roadknight: Decade’75-’84 – Ice  |
Roaring Jack: Street Celtabillity – The Cat Amongst The Pigeons – The Complete Works  |
Rocket 88:  Monkey Doin’ Woman  |
Tim Rogers: Ghost Songs – Dirty Ron |
Normie Rowe: Frenzy! 50th Anniversary Collection [2015] |
Leslie Ross Singers: Australian Sing Along  |
Royal Australian Navy, Band of the: Our Directors |
Mike Rudd and Bill Putt: Living on a Volcano  |
the Rumjack: Blows & Unkind Words [single] – Crosses For Eyes [single] – Gangs of New Holland – Hung, Drawn & Portered [EP] – Sleepin’ Rough – Sober & Godless – Sound As A Pound [EP] |
Emma Russack: You Changed Me – In A New State  |
Ross Ryan: My Name Means Horse  |


The Saints: All Fools Day – Live in a Mud Hut  |
Scallywags Showband: Getting Our Act Together  |
Scattered Order: a dancing foot and a praying knee don’t belong on the same leg – Comfort/Compilation |
The Scientists: Blood Red River [EP] – The Scientist [aka: The Pink Album]  |
The Screaming Tribesmen: Date With A Vampyre/Town of the Town – Top of the Towm [EP]   |
Sea Stories [Aust]: Miller’s Pond – Wide Eyed and Dreaming |
The Seekers: The Seekers sing their Big Hits [Judith Durham](W&G 1965) – Complete [Judith Durham](EMI 1995) – The Ultimate Collection [Judith Durham](EMI 2008) – The Seekers [Louisa Wisseling](Astor 1975) – Live On [Julie Anthony](Polydor 1989) |
Janet Seidel and Tom Baker: Doodlin’  |
Seven Stories: Judges and Bagmen  – Sleeping Through Another War (EP)  |
Severed Heads: Bulkhead Plus (singles 83-04) – Dead Eyes Opened (Nettwerk) – Dead Eyes Opened [virgin] – The Big Bigot + Propellor  – Since The Accident [2003]  |

Shaolin Afronauts: Flight of The Ancients – Follow The Path – Quest Under Capricorn  |
Gary Shearston: The Springtime It Brings On The Shearing  |
Sherbet: Anthology [2008] – On With The Show  |
Glenn Shorrock: The First 20 Years |
Mark Simmonds Freeboppers: Fire  |
Skippy The Butcher: Snake Skins Overcoat  |
Skyhooks: Ego Is Not A Dirty Word – Living In The 70’s – The Skyhooks Box  |
Judy Small: A Natural Selection – Second Wind |
Broderick Smith: Broderick Smith – BS Big Combo + |
Matt Southon: Australian Verandah Blues  |
Spindlewood:  Blue Sky Red Earth – Face The Wind – Spindlewood  |

Danny Spooner: Brave Bold Boys – Emerging Tradition – Launch out on the Deep – The Great Leviathan – We’ll either bend or break ‘er – When a man’s in Love – Years of Spooner  |
The Sports: The Definitive Collection – Play Dylan (and Donovan)  |
Glenn Starr: It’s Time [Michael Buble Tribute Show] |
The Stems: At First Sight… violets are blue  |
Angus and Julia Stone: Angus and Julia Stone [Special Edition]  |
C.W. Stoneking: Gon’ Boogaloo – Jungle Blues – King Hokum  |
Storyville All-Stars: Everything Old is New Again  |
The Summer Suns: Greatest  |
John Summers: Compromise Kid  |
Sweet Lip: Sweet Lip  |


Tall Tales and True: Shiver – Tall tales and True – You Got Your Troubles  |
Tame Impala: Innerspeaker – Lonerism  |
Tony Taunton: Straight From The Shoulder  |
Ted Mulry Gang [TMG]: Here We Are   |
Ten Cent Shooters:  The Ten Cent Shooters  |
Tex, Don & Charlie: All Is Forgiven – Sad But True  |
Billy Thorpe: Solo (The Last Recordings)  |
Billy Thorpe & the Aztec: Live! at Sunbury [72] – The Very Best of  |
Barry Thornton: There’s a Little Bit of Irish in Us All  |
Tiddas: Inside My Kitchen  |
Dutch Tilders:  Eureka Files 1975-1980  –  Live at the Station Hotel    |
Louis Tillett: A Cast of Aspersions – Cry Against The Faith – Ego Tripping at the Gates of Hell – Learning To Die – Letters To A Dream – the Hanged Man – VA- The Return To Sender Festival-Tour |
Louis Tillett & Charlie Owen: Midnight Rain – The Ugly Truth  |
Tim & Debbie: Brainspace vol II  |

This Is Serious Mum (TISM): Great Trucking Songs of The Renaissance  |
The Triffids: Beautiful Waste and other songs – Born Sandy Devotional [deluxe edition] – Calenture – In The Pines [deluxe edition] – Raining Pleasure –  The Black Swan  – Treeless Plain  |
The Trilobites: I Can’t Wait for Summer to End (EP) – Turn It Around – Savage Mood Swing – singles  [Venus in Leather / American TV / Night of the Many Deaths / Jenny’s Wake]  |    |


Ups & Downs: Sleepless  |


Various Artists:

(When the Sun Sets Over) Carlton  |
049: A Collection of Newcastle’s Finest  |
20 Golden Greats of the 60’s  |
A Slab of Vic
Australian Jazz of the 70’s (vol 2)  |
Bluesfest- The Album  |
Boogie! (Australian Blues, R&B and Heavy Rock from the ’70’s)[Aust] |
Building Bridges [Australia Has A Black History]  |
Buried Country (The Story of Aboriginal Country Music)[OFT]  |
Clarion Call  |
Come Listen to Australia  |
Cooking with George [box set]  |
Deep South: South Australian Rhythm and Blues  |
Do The Pop! [Aust] |
Do The Pop! Redux Part One [Aust] |
Dogs in Space -OST  |
Generation Next  |
Go-Set Pop Poll Awards 1971  |
Homebake07  |
Live at the Wireless (1983)  |
Maldon Folk Festival: Maldon Turns Thirty! |
Melbourne Stuff  |
Melbourne University Swapo Benefit  |
Midnight Shift (the Festival Records Story)  |
Molly’s Aus. Evolution  |
National Folk Festival: National Folk Festival 2007 (highlights) |
New Weird Australia – Broadcast Three  |
Now! – New Jazz from Australia (1995)  |
Nu-Music Sampler Series Eight  |
Once In A Blue Moon (A Celebration of Australian Musicals) |
Real Australian Blues vol 01  |
Running Rampant vol 1  |

Sideshow Alley TV  |
Sound of Sydney:  [01]/[02]/[03]  |
Stairways To Heaven [The Money or The Gun]  |
Sunbury (1972)  |
Sunday Sounds – Aussie Rock |
Take Everything, Leave Nothing  |
Tales from the Australian Underground – Tales from the Australian Underground vol 2  |
The Glory Days of Aussie Pub Rock (vol 1)/(vol 2) |
The SBS Whatever Sessions  |
This is Hot!  |
This Is Hot Too |
to Hal and Bacharach  |
Too Solid 1 |
Trail of Dreams  |
Used and Recommended by  |
Working Together |
Young Blood  |

The Vines: Future Primitive  |


Don Walker: Cutting Back – We’re All Gunna Die  | Catfish (Don Walker): Ruby – Unlimited Address  |
Matt Walker:  Matt Walker & Friends Live at Rainbow Hotel  |
Matt Walters: NightWalk  |
Ward 13: Flash as a Rat   |
The Warner Brothers:  Talking In Your Sleep  |
Warumpi Band: Big Name, No BlanketsGo Bush!  |
Chris Webbe: Lost In The Ether  |
Weddings Parties Anything: Life’s Great Adventure – Scorn of The Women  |

The Wet Ones: It’s A Pre-moistened World  |
Wet Taxis: From The Archives  |
Whirlywirld: Complete Studio Works  |
White Man Can’t Reggae: Bandung Baby  |
The Whitlams: Eternal Nightcap  |
The Wild Colonials: Euabalong Ball  |
John Williams: Rhapsody  |
Matt Williamson: Conviction – Little Songs – Mr Senseless  |
Chris Wilson: Flying Fish  |
Chris Wilson, Geoff Achison: Box of Blues  |
Wilson Diesel (Chris Wilson, Diesel): Short Cool Ones  |
Bruce Woodley: The Roaring Days, vol 1  |
The Wreckery: Here At Pains Insistence – I Think This Town Is Nervous –  Past Imperfect – Ruling Energy   |
Stevie Wright: Hard Road  |
Martyn Wyndham-Read, Phyl Vinnicombe, Peter Dickie: Bullockies, Bushwackers and Booze  |


Yothu Yindi: Healing Stone – The Best of Yothu Yindi  |
Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu: Gurrumul – His Life and Music – Rrakala  |


Peggy van Zalm: Shine  |
Ivan Zar:  Track Me Down  |
The Fabulous Zarsoff Bros.: Rude Awakening  |