Since March 13th, 2012, I’ve been archiving The Record Collection. Here is a listing of the Blues, R&B, Cajun and Zydeco albums that I’ve archived so far. I’ve also listed my Australian blues albums


5 Cent Coffee
—(2008) Bourbon & Beans
—(2011) She Should’a Had a Shot of Shine

Anderson, Pink
—(1961) Carolina Blues Man
—(1961) Medicine Man Show
—(1961) Ballad and Folksinger
Arvey, Steve
—Soul of a Man

Baker, Etta
—(1990) One-dime Blues
—(2005) Etta Baker with Taj Mahal
Baker, LaVern
—(1958) LaVern Baker sings Bessie Smith
—(1993) Blues Side of Rock ‘n’ Roll
Ballard, Hank
—(1993) Sexy Ways (The Best of Hank Ballard and the Midnighters)
Barbecue Bob
—Chocolate to the Bone
—Complete Recorded Works, Vol 3
Bell, Carey
—Mellow Down Easy
Bibb, Eric
—(2006) Diamond Days
—(2006) Video- An Afternoon in Paris
Big Maybelle (Smith)
—(1964-66) Maybelle sings the Blues (Charly R&B masters vol 14)[1994]
—(1967-69) The Rojac Years [2012]
—Blues, Candy & Big Maybelle
—The Complete Okeh Sessions 1952-55
Block, Rory
—(1981) High Heeled Blues
—(1994) Angel of Mercy
Bloomfield, Mike
—(1977) Analine
—(1978) Michael Bloomfield
—1973) Triumvirate
—Super Session
Brim, John
—(1950-71) Complete Recordings 1950-71
—(1951-53) The JOB Series vol 5
Brooks, Hadda
—(1997) Jump Back Honey
—(2002) Romance In The Dark [Ace]
Broonzy, Big Bill
—(1928-35) Do That Guitar Rag
—(1928-35) The Young Big Bill Broonzy
—(1930-40) Good Time Tonight
Brown, Charles
—All My Life
—Just a Lucky So and So
Brown, Roy
—(1994) Good Rocking Tonight (the best of Roy Brown)
Brown, Ruth
—(1949-50) Ruth Brown 1949-1950
—(1949-53) Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean
Buchanan, Roy
—Hot Wires
Butterfield, Paul
—In My Own Dream (cd)
—Keep on Moving (cd)
—The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
—The Resurrection of Pigboy Crabshaw

Cale, J.J
—(1972) Naturally
—(1976) Troubadour
—(1984) Special Edition
—(1997) Anyway the Winds Blows
—(2006) The Road to Escondido
Campbell, John
—Howlin’ Mercy
Canned Heat
—Let’s Work Together- The Best of Canned Heat
—Uncanned! The Best of Canned Heat
Carter, Bo
—(1931-40) Twist It Babe [1992]
Carter, Joe
—(1976) Mean and Evil Blues
Cassidy, Eva
—(1996) Nightbird
—Soon This Will All Be Gone (2012)
Chambers Brothers, the
—(1969) Feelin’ the Blues
Charles, Ray
—(1950) Blues & Jazz Vol. 2
—(1952) The Birth Of A Legend
—(1956) The Genius Hits The Road
—(1957) The Great Ray Charles
—(1958) Ray Charles at Newport
—(1959) The Genius of Ray Charles
—(1961) Genius + Soul = Jazz
—(1961) Rock + Soul = Genius
—(1961a) The Genius Sings the Blues
—(1961b) The Genius After Hours
—(1962) The Ray Charles Story (vol 1) [reconstruct]
—(2004) The Birth Of Soul
—(2016) The Atlantic Studio Albums In Mono
——01 The Great Ray Charles (1957)
——02 Ray Charles (1957)
——03 Yes Indeed! (1958)
——04 The Genius of Ray Charles (1959)
——05 What’d I Say (1959)
——06 The Genius After Hours (1961)
——07 The Genius Sings The Blues (1961)
Chenier, Clifton
—(1955-75) Zydeco Dynamite
—(1976) Frenchin’ The Boogie
Chicken Shack
—(1969-70) Complete Blue Horizon Sessions [2005]
—Chicken Shack – the collection
Cleary, Jon
—(1994) Alligator Lips & Dirty Rice
—(2002) Jon Cleary and The Absolute Monster Gentlemen
Cooder, Ry
—(1970) Ry Cooder
—(1972) Boomer’s Story
—(1972) Into The Purple Valley
—(1974) Down at the Field (2011]
—(1974) Paradise and Lunch
—(1976) Chicken Skin Music
—(1978) Jazz
—(1979) Bop Till You Drop
—(1980) Borderline
—(1982) The Slide Area
—(1986) Crossroads [OST]
—(1987) Get Rhythm
—(1994) River Rescue- The Very Best of
—(1994) Talking Timbuktu
—(2005) Chavez Ravine
—(2007) My Name is Buddy
—(2008) The UFO Has Landed
—(2011) Pull Up Some Dust and Sit Down
—(2018) The Prodigal Son
Cotten, Elizabeth
—Shake Sugaree
Cray, Robert
—(1986) Strong Persuader
—(1988) Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark
Creach, Papa John
—(1971) Papa John Creach
Crudup, Arthur ‘Big Boy’
—Mean ol’ Frisco
—That’s All Right Mama (1992)
Curtis, King
—Trouble in Mind

Dane, Barbara
—(1957) Trouble in Mind
—(1961) When I Was A Young Girl
—(1964) Sometimes I Believe She Loves Me
—(1966) Barbara Dane & The Chambers Brothers
Davis, Rev. Gary
—(1950-56) Gospel, Blues and Street Songs
—(1961) Say No to the Devil
—(1971) It’s Been So Long
Derek and The Dominos
—Layla and other assorted loves songs
deSanto, Sugar Pie
—(2009) Go Go Power (The Compete Chess Singles 1961-1966)
Devil in a Woodpile
—Devil in a Woodpile
Diddley, Bo
—(1955-69) The Chess Box
—(1970) The Black Gladiator
—(1971) Got my own bag of Tricks
Dixon, Willie
—I Am The Blues
—The Big Three Trio
Dr. Feelgood
Dr. John [Mac Rebennack]
—(1968) Gris-Gris
—(1972) Dr. John’s Gumbo
—(1973) In the Right Place
—(1989) In a Sentimental Mood
—(1992) Goin’ Back to New Orleans
—(1992) Loser For You Baby
—(1993) Mos’ Scocious – Anthology
—(1994) Television
—(2005) The Best Of The Parlophone Years
—(2012) Locked Down
—(2014) Ske-Dat-De-Dat
—(2016) VA- The Musical Mojo of Dr. John
—ATCO Albums Collection
——1968 – Gris-Gris
——1969 – Babylon
——1970 – Remedies
——1971 – The Sun, Moon & Herbs
——1972 – Gumbo
——1973 – In The Right Place
——1974 – Desitively Bonnaroo
—New Orleans Gumbo
—Remembered [Butterboy]
Dupree, Champion Jack
—(1945-59) Two Classic Albums Plus
—Champion Jack Dupree

East River String Band, the
—(2006) Sweet East River
—(2008) Some Cold Rainy Day
—(2009) Drunken Barrel House Blues
—(2011) Be Kind to a Man When He’s Down
—(2013) Take A Look At That Baby
Estes, Sleepy John
—I Ain’t Gonna Be Worried No More
Evans, Terry
—Blues for Thought

Fabulous Thunderbirds, the
—Hot Stuff- The Greatest Hits
—The Fabulous Thunderbirds

Fahey, John
—(1981) Live in Tasmania [2004]
—Blind Joe Death (1959-’63)
—Blind Joe Death (1967)
—The Transfiguration of Blind Joe Death (1965)
Five Royales, the
—(1994) Monkey Hips and Rice [Rhino]
Fuller, Blind Boy
—East Coast Piedmont Style

Fuller, Jesse
—Frisco Bound
Fulson, Lowell
—Chicago Golden Years #7

Gallagher, Rory
—(1973) Blueprint
—(1973) Tattoo
—(1974) Irish Tour ’74 [1998]
—(1976) Calling Card
—(1982) Jinx
—(2003) Wheels Within Wheels
—(2005) Big Guns (the very best of)
Great Metropolitan Steam Band
—(1969) Great Metropolitan Steam Band
Green, Peter
—(1981) Blue Guitar
—(1988) Legend
—(2008) The Anthology
——Green Splinter Group, Peter
———(2012) the Very Best of
——Green’s Fleetwood Mac, Peter
———(1995) Live at the BBC [1969-70]
Guitar Slim [Eddie Jones]
—(1953-55) Sufferin’ Mind [1991]
Guy, Buddy
—Buddy Guy & Junior Wells
—Alone & Acoustic
—Damn Right, I’ve Got the Blues
—The Treasure Untold- Charly Blues Masterworks, Vol. 11

Hammond Jr, John
—(1962) John Hammond
—(1970) The Best of John Hammond
—(1972) I’m Satisfied
—(1982) Frogs for Snakes
—(1988) Nobody But You
—(1992) Got Love If You Want It
—(1994) Trouble No More
Harpo, Slim
—(1957-63) I’m A King Bee
Harris, Wynonie
—(1994) Bloodshot Eyes (The Best of Wynonie Harris)
Hawkins, Screamin’ Jay
—(1982) Frenzy
—(2013) The Singles Collection (1953-62)
Hawkins, Ted
—Happy Hour
—Watch Your Step
Healey Band, Jeff
—See the Light
Holiday, Billie
—(1935-37) Billie Holiday with the Ellingtonians 1935-37
—(1937-46) complete billie holiday lester young [2000]
—(1940s) History of Jazz
—(1944-50 flac) The Complete Decca Recordings
—(1951) Storyville Club Sessions [complete]
—(1952) Solitude [1993]
—(1952-56) Verve Jazz Masters 12
—(1952-59) Lady Sings The Blues
—(1953-56) 1953-56 Radio And TV Broadcasts [1999]
—(1954-55) Stay With Me
—(1955) Music for Torching [1995]
—(1955) Velvet Mood
—(1961) The Essential Billie Holiday [2015]
—(1994) Jazz at the Philharmonic (Expanded Edition)
—(2000) Summertime
—(2001) The Lady Sings [Box set – Proper]
—(2012) Holiday Tracks
Holmes, Jimmy ‘Duck’
—(2012) All Night Long
Hooker, John Lee
—(1989) The Healer
—Alone vol 1
—Alone vol 2
—House of The Blues
—No Friend Around
—Sittin’ Here Thinkin’
—The Best of John Lee Hooker
—(1995) Mighty
Hopkins Brothers, the
—(1964) Lightning, Joel, and John Henry
Hopkins, Lightnin’
—(1959) Autobiography in Blues
—(1959) Lightnin’ Hopkins [Folkways]
—Blues In My Bottle
—Coffee House Blues
—Lightnin’ Hopkins [archive folk]
—Texas Blues Man
House, Son
—Father of the Delta Blues
Howlin’ Wolf
—(1954-65) His Greatest Sides (vol 01) [1983]
—(1958-62) Howlin’ Wolf-Moanin’ in the Moonlight [1986]
—(1962-) Howlin’ Wolf-Red Rooster
—(1970) The London Howlin’ Wolf Sessions [deluxe edition]
Hunter, Alberta
—Chicago- The Living Legends
Hurt, John
—The Best of Mississippi John Hurt
Hutto, J.B
—(1966) Masters of Modern Blues
—(1968) Hawk Squat


James, Elmore
—(1953-60) Whose Muddy Shoes
—The Elmore James Story
James, Etta
—(1960) At Last!
—(1960-61) At Last + The Second Time Around [2012]
—(1963) Etta James Rocks the House
James, Homesick
—Blues on the South Side
James, Marion
—(2012) Northside Soul
James, Skip
—Devil Got My Woman
James, Steve
—(1994) American Primitive
—American Primitive
Jefferson, Blind Lemon
—1926-1929 (vol 02)
—King of the Country Blues
John, Little Willie
—(1993) Fever (the best of Little Willie John)
Johnson, Blind Willie
—Sweeter as the Years Go By
Johnson, Johnnie
—Johnnie B. Bad
—Johnnie Be Back
—That’ll Work
Johnson, Lonnie
—Steppin’ on the Blues
Johnson, Robert
—King of The Delta Blues Singers
—The Complete Recordings

Kelly, Jo Ann
—(1969) Jo-Ann Kelly
—(1976) Do It
—(2001) Tramp 1974 [1974]
—(2004) Blues and Gospel [1967-84]
King, Albert
—(1953-84) The Ultimate Collection [1993]
King, B.B
—(1957-58) Singin’ the Blues_The Blues
—(1960) The Great B.B. King
—(1963) B.B. King [crown]
—(2012) Ladies and Gentlemen … Mr. B.B.King
——01 Three O’Clock Blues 1949-1956
——02 Rock Me Baby 1957-1962
——03 How Blue Can You Get 1962-1966
——04 Why I Sing The Blues 1967-1969
——05 The Thrill Is Gone 1969-1971
——06 Lucille Talks Back 1971-1977
——07 When It All Comes Down 1978-1983
——08 When Love Comes To Town 1985-1993
——09 Blues Man 1993-1999
——10 Key To The Highway 2000-2008
King, Freddy
—(1961) Freddy Kings Sings – Let’s Hide Away and Dance [2013]
—(1993) Hide Away (the best of Freddy King)
Korner, Alexis
—R&B from the Marquee

Laurie, Hugh
—(2010) Let Them Talk
—(2013) Didn’t it Rain
—Huddie Ledbetter
—Leadbelly’s Last Sessions (Parts 1-4)
Leavell, Chuck
—(2001) Forever Blue solo piano
—(2012) Back to the Woods
Lenoir, J.B
—Mama, Watch Your Daughter
LeRoi Brothers
—Check This Action!
Lipscomb, Mance
—(1960) Texas Songster
—(1964) Texas Songster vol 2
Longhair, Professor
—(1972) New Orleans Piano [1989]
—(1979) Crawfish Fiesta
—House Party New Orleans Style
Lucas, Buddy
—(2004) Shake Rock Rattle and Roll

Magic Slim [Morris Holt]
—(1982) Grand Slam
—(1995) Alone & Unplugged
—(2000) Snakebite
Mahal, Taj
—Blue Light Boogie
—Phantom Blues
—Taj Mahal, V.M. Bhatt, N. Ravikiran
——Mumtaz Mahal
—The Legendary Taj Mahal
Manx, Harry
—Dog My Cat
—Wise and Otherwise
Margolin, Bob
—Down in the Alley
Mayall, John
—(1966) Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton
—(1966) Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton [2CD]
—(1969) The Turning Point
—(1971) Back to the Roots
—(1973) Ten Years Are Gone
—(1975) New Year, New Band, New Company
—(1975) Notice To Appear
—(1976) A Banquet In Blues
—John Mayall’s Record Collection
McDowell, Fred
—Fred McDowell (The Alan Lomax Recordings)
—Mississippi Fred McDowell [archive folk]
—You Gotta Move
McGhee, Brownie
—Brownie McGhee & Elmer Lee Thomas Blues Revue
—Brownie’s Blues
McGhee, Sticks
—Sticks McGhee 1947-1951
McTell, Blind Willie
—1927-1933 -The Early Years
—1927-1935 -Doing That Atlanta
McVea, Jack
—(1947) Open the Door, Richard!
—Memphis Jug Band _ Cannon’s Jug Stompers
——A- Memphis Jug Band 1927, 1928
——B- Memphis Jug Band 1928, 1929
——C- Memphis Jug Band 1927-1930
——D- Cannon’s Jug Stompers 1928
Memphis Minnie
—Hoodoo Lady (1933-1937)
Memphis Slim
—The Memphis Slim Story
Milburn, Amos
—(1979) Drinking with Amos
Mississippi Sheiks, the
—(1992) Stop and Listen
—(2002) The Essential
Mo’, Keb’
—Just Like You
—Keb’ Mo’
Musselwhite, Charlie
—Memphis Charlie
Otis, Shuggie
—(1970-71) Here Comes Shuggie Otis + Freedom Flight [2003]
Paladins, the
—Let’s Buzz
—Ticket Home
Patton, Charley
—(1929-34) Founder of the Delta Blues
—(2001) Screamin’ and Hollerin’ the Blues
—(2005) Primeval Blues, Rags, and Gospel Songs
Pomus, Doc
—(1944-55) Send for the Doctor


Quattlebaum, Doug
—(1961) Softee Man Blues

Rainey, Ma
—(1924-28) Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom [1975]
—Ma Rainey [milestone]
Raitt, Bonnie
—(1972) Give it Up [2002]
—(1989) Nick of Time
—(1991) Luck of the Draw
—(1994) Longing in their Hearts
—(1995) Road Tested
—(2014) Ultrasonic studios 1972 (live)
Rawls, Lou
—(1962-63) Black and Blue – Tobacco Road
Redbone, Leon
—(1975) On the Track
—(1977) Double Time
—(1978) Champagne Charlie
—(1987) Christmas Island
—(1990) Sugar
Reed, Jimmy
—Bright Lights, Big City- Charly Blues Masterworks, Vol. 17
Riedy, Bob
—(1974) just off Halsted
Rising Sons
—(1964) Rising Sons
Rodgers, Paul
—Muddy Water Blues
Rogers & Norton Buffalo, Roy
—Travellin’ Tracks
Rogers, Jimmy
—Hard Working Man -Charly Blues Masterworks, Vol. 3
Roux, Steve
—Steve Roux (cd)
Rush, Otis
—(2012) Double Trouble

Saffire [The Uppity Blues Women]
—Hot Flash
Seagal, Steven
—(2006) Mojo Priest
Seals, Son
—Living in the Danger Zone
Shepherd, Kenny Wayne
—Trouble Is
Smith, Bessie
—(1923-33) Complete Recordings [Columbia]
—Empress of The Blues
—Empress of the Blues (vol 2)
—The World’s Greatest Blues Singer
Smitty, Big Bad
—Mean Disposition
Spann, Otis
—(1960) Walkin’ the Blues
—(1963) Otis Spann [archive folk]
Spivey, Victoria
—(1926-37) Complete Recorded Works (1926-37)
Stone The Crows
—(1969) Stone The Crows
—(1970) Ode To John Law
—(1971) Teenage Licks
—(1972) Live Crows -Montreux
—(1972) Ontinuous Performance

Tampa Red
—Don’t Tampa with the Blues
—(1971) Live Taste
—Pop History Vol.11
Taylor, Hound Dog
—Hound Dog Taylor and the Houserockers
Taylor, Koko
—(1963-71) Complete Early Recordings
—(1975) I Got What It Takes
—(1985) Queen of The Blues
—(2002) Deluxe Edition (the Alligator Years 75-99)
Tedeschi, Susan
—(1998) Just Won’t Burn
—(2008) Back to the River
Ten Years After
—(1944-63) The Folkways Years
—I Think I Got The Blues
—Midnight Special
—Sonny & Brownie
Thornton, Big Mama
—Ball N’ Chain
—Stronger Than Dirt- The Way It Is
Toussaint, Allen
—VA- The Allen Toussaint Touch
Turner, Big Joe
—(1972-78) Complete Pablo Sessions
——(1972) Flip Flop and Fly
——(1973) The Bosses
——(1974a) Life Ain’t Easy
——(1974b) The Trumpet Kings meet Joe Turner
——(1975a) Everyday I have the blues
——(1975b) Nobody in mind
——(1976a) In The Evening
——(1976b) The Midnight Special
——(1977) Things That I Used To Do
——(1978) Have No Fear, Joe Turner Is Here
—(1983) Blues Train
Turner, Ike
—Hey Hey

VA- a history of the Blues [2010]
VA- A New Kind of Mambo
—01-10 A New Kind of Mambo
——01 Rompin’ Rhumbas
——02 Havana Hop
——03 Jungle Dreams
——04 Hey Senorita
——05 Mambo Diablo
——06 Tequila Slammers
——07 Louisiana 3 AM
——08 Loose Caboose
——09 Crazy Blues
——10 Nitty Gritty
—11-20 A New Kind of Mambo
——11 Shufflin’ Hungarians
——12 Dynamite at Midnight
——13 Garage Cha-Cha-Cha Unknowns
——14 Too Much Tequila
——15 Why Wait
——16 Showstoppin’ Bugaloo
——17 Mexicali Baby
——18 Love Charms
——19 Cha Cha la Negra
——20 Pow Wow
—21-30 A New Kind of Mambo
——21 It’s Shakin’ Time
——22 In The Night
——23 That’s What I Want
——24 Ritmo Caliente!!
——25 Boogaloo Girl
——26 Anna Macora
——27 Mambo Uproar
——28 Camel Walk
——29 Sticky!!
——30 Afrodesiac Jazz
—31-40 A New Kind of Mambo
——31 Two Way Poc Away
——32 More Salsa!!
——33 Voodoo Plan
——34 Fantasia
——35 Blues For Cuba
——36 Room To Rumba
——37 Egyptian Cha-Cha
——38 Me Gusto
——39 Wild Streak
——40 Jumpin’ In Istanbul
—41-50 A New Kind of Mambo
——41 Shake Dance
——42 Can’t Stop Lovin’
——43 Leavin’ Here
——44 Rascals Got Fire
——45 Because You’re Mine
——46 Cuban Cafe
——47 Ritual Dance
——48 Hong Kong Mississippi
——49 Viva Zapata!
——50 Temptation
—51-55 A New Kind of Mambo
——52 Mexican Vodka!
——53 Jungle Voodoo
——54 Guajira con Rocanrol
——55 Midnight Happenings
VA- A Short Cut to the Grave
—01 A Short Cut to the Grave [Gambling]
—02 A Short Cut to the Grave [Alcohol Coke and Gin]
—03 A Short Cut to the Grave [Prison]
—04 A Short Cut to the Grave [Death]
VA- Ain’t Times Hard [box set]
VA- Alligator Records 20th Anniversary Collection
VA- American Folk Blues Festival
—American Folk Blues Festival 1962 (Oct 20) [Live In Paris]
—American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1965 [1962]
—American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1965 [1963a]
—American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1965 [1963b]
—American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1965 [1964]
—American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1965 [1965]
—American Folk Blues Festival 1963-1965 [Lost Blues Tapes]
—American Folk Blues Festival 1963-1965 [More]
—American Folk Blues Festival 1963-Nov [Jazz House, Wiesbaden, Germany]
—American Folk Blues Festival 1964 – Jam Session
—American Folk Blues Festival 1965 – Studio Session
—American Folk Blues Festival 1967
—American Folk Blues Festival 1969
—American Folk Blues Festival 1980
VA- American Primitive
VA- Atlantic R&B
—Atlantic R&B 1947-1974, vol 1 (1947-1952)
—Atlantic R&B 1947-1974, vol 2 (1952-1955)
—Atlantic R&B 1947-1974, vol 3 (1955-1957)
—Atlantic R&B 1947-1974, vol 4 (1957-1960)
—Atlantic R&B 1947-1974, vol 5 (1961-1965)
—Atlantic R&B 1947-1974, vol 6 (1965-1967)
—Atlantic R&B 1947-1974, vol 7 (1967-1969)
—Atlantic R&B 1947-1974, vol 8 (1970-1974)
—Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974, vol 2 (1952-1955)
—Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974, vol 3 (1955-1958)
VA- Barbecue Any Old Time (Blues from the Pit 1927-42)
VA- Before The Blues
VA- Blowing The Blues (A History of Blues Harmonica)
VA- Blowing The Fuse (R&B 1945-1960)
VA- Blues For Your Pocket
VA- Blues Groove
VA- Blues Harp Women
VA- Blues in the Mississippi Night
VA- Blues Masters [EMI][2012]
—Vol 01
——01 BB King
——02 Blind Willie Johnson, Tommy Johnson, Skip James
——03 Magic Sam, Jimmy McCracklin
—Vol 02
——04 John Lee Hooker, Wynonie Harris
——05 Jimmy Reed, Otis Rush
——06 Johnny Guitar Watson, Big Joe Williams
—Vol 03
——07 Muddy Waters, Junior Wells
——08 Big Bill Broonzy, Scrapper Blackwell, Blind Blake
——09 Little Willie John, Smiley Lewis
—Vol 04
——10 Robert Johnson
——11 Elmore James, Lonnie Johnson
——12 Bukka White, Josh White
—Vol 05
——13 Howlin’ Wolf
——14 Little Walter
——15 Richard Berry, Barbecue Bob
—Vol 06
——16 Bo Diddley
——17 Percy Mayfield, Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers
——18 Champion Jack Dupree, Cousin Joe
—Vol 07
——19 Buddy Guy, Arthur Hardrock Gunter, Slim Gaillard
——20 Memphis Minnie, Big Maybelle
——21 Leroy Carr, Scrapper Blackwell, Pee Wee Crayton
—Vol 08
——22 Lightnin’ Hopkins
——23 Roosevelt Sykes, Son House
——24 Snooks Eaglin, Sleepy John Estes
—Vol 09
——25 T-Bone Walker, Jimmy Witherspoon
——26 Charley Patton, Snooky Pryor
——27 Lowell Fulson, The Four Blazes
—Vol 10
——28 LeadBelly
——29 Professor Longhair, Junior Parker
——30 Alberta Hunter, Ivory Joe Hunter
—Vol 11
——31 Bessie Smith
——32 Sonny Boy Williamson I & II
——33 Furry Lewis, Robert Lockwood Jr
—Vol 12
——34 Screamin’ Jay Hawkins, Earl Hooker
——35 Big Joe Turner, Eddie Cleanhead Vinson
——36 Roy Milton, Amos Milburn
—Vol 13
——37 Robert Nighthawk, Johnny Otis
——38 Clarence ‘Gatemouth’ Brown, Blue Lu Barker
——39 Big Maceo, Blind Willie McTell
—Vol 14
——40 Mississippi Fred McDowell, Mississippi John Hurt
——41 Lightnin’ Slim, J.B. Lenoir
——42 Jimmy Rushing, Tampa Red
—Vol 15
——43 Big Mama Thornton, Sister Rosetta Tharpe
——44 Sunnyland Slim, Johnny Shines
——45 Huey ‘Piano’ Smith, Frankie Lee Sims
—Vol 16
——46 Willie Dixon, Floyd Dixon
——47 Kokomo Arnold, Billy Boy Arnold
——48 Sonny Terry, Eddie Taylor
—Vol 17
——49 Memphis Slim, Tommy McClennan
——50 Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland, Charles Brown
——51 Sippie Wallace, Peetie Wheatstraw
VA- Blues Masters, Vol. 15- Slide Guitar Classics
VA- Bump Jump Jive [series]
VA- Cajun Classics (Ace 1995)
VA- Canned Heat Blues- Masters of the Delta Blues
VA- Capitol Blues Collection
—01 T-Bone Walker [The Complete Capitol – Black & White Recordings]
—02 Sonny Terry [Whoopin The Blues]
—03 Chicago Blues Masters (vol 1) [Muddy Waters, Memphis Slim]
—04 Rediscovered Blues [Lightnin’ Hopkins, Brownie McGhee, Sonny Terry, Big Joe Williams]
—05 Li’l Son Jackson [The Complete Imperial Recordings]
—06 Roy Brown [The Complete Imperial Recordings]
—07 Son House [Delta Blues and Spirituals]
—08 John Lee Hooker [Alternate Boogie – Early Studio Recordings]
—09 Chicago Blues Masters (vol 2) [Jimmy Rogers]
—10 Snooks Eaglin [The Complete Imperial Recordings]
—11 Texas Guitar Killers
—12 Mississippi Fred McDowell [I Don’t Play No Rock ‘n’ Roll]
—13 Livin’ With The Blues [Capitol Blues Collection Sampler vol 1]
—14 Pee Wee Crayton [Pee Wee’s Blues – The Complete Aladdin & Imperial Recordings]
—15 Amos Milburn [Blues, Barrelhouse & Boogie Woogie]
—16 Floyd Dixon [His Complete Aladdin Recordings]
—17 Z.Z. Hill [The Complete Hill_UA Recordings]
—18 Rediscovered Blues 2 (reconstruction)
—19 Jumpin’ Like Mad [Cool Cats & Hip Chicks Non-Stop Dancin’]
—20 The Cocktail Combos [King Cole Trio, Johnny Moore’s Three Blazers, Charles Brown, Floyd Dixon]
—21 Kansas City Blues
—22 Louisiana Swamp Blues
—23 Chicago Blues Masters (vol 3)
VA- Carolina Blues 1937-1947
VA- Chess Divas [2003]
VA- Complete History of the Blues 1920-62 [2015]
VA- Confessin’ the Blues [2018]
VA- Depression Blues- Nobody Knows You When Down
VA- Essential Alabama Blues
VA- Exotic Blues & Rhythm [series]
—(2016) Exotic Blues & Rhythm
——01 Katanga!
——02 Ahbe Casabe
——03 an-Gu-Wa
——04 Chop Chop!
VA- Feisty Fifties Females (1949-59)
VA- Genuine HouseRockin’ Music
VA- Genuine HouseRockin’ Music [Alligator]
—(1986) Genuine HouseRockin’ Music I
—(1987) Genuine HouseRockin’ Music II
—(1988) Genuine HouseRockin’ Music III
—(1990) Genuine HouseRockin’ Music IV
—(1993) Genuine HouseRockin’ Music V
VA- Genuine HouseRockin’ Music, vol 2
VA- Good For What Ails You
VA- Good Time Blues
VA- Gumbo Magic [butterboy]
VA- Ham Hocks and Cornbread [Box set]
VA- Hard Times Come Again No More
VA- History of New Orleans Rhythm and Blues
VA- History of Rhythm and Blues Vocal Groups
VA- Hollywood Blues
VA- I Can’t Be Satisfied [Country/Town]
VA- If I Had My Way- A Cigar Box Guitar Tribute to Blind Willie Johnson
VA- Jukebox Mambo [vol 1+2]
VA- Jukebox Mambo [series]
VA- Let Me Squeeze Your Lemon
VA- Lost & Found – Real R’n’B & Soul
VA- M for Mississippi -OST
VA- Masters of the Cigar Box Guitar LIVE 2005
VA- Mississippi Blues
VA- Mississippi Jook Joint Blues (1938-1941)
VA- New Orleans Gris Gris
VA- People Take Warning!
VA- Prison Songs
VA- Prison Songs (Murderers’ Home)[NEX]
VA- Rags, Breakdowns, Stomps & Blues
VA- Raunchy Business- Hot Nuts & Lollypops
VA- Sinners & Saints (1926-1931)
VA- Stompin’ at The Savoy
——01 (Harlem Nocturne 1944-47)
——02 (Red Hot Blues 1948-51)
——03 (Things Have Changed 1951-55)
——04 (Hot Rod 1955-61)
VA- Swinging on the Golden Gate
VA- The Blues – A Real Summit Meeting
VA- The American Folk Blues Festival 1962-1966 [vol 1-3]
VA- The Best of Chess Blues
VA- The Best of Chess Rhythm & Blues
VA- The Best of Chicago Blues
VA- The Blues (A Musical Journey)
VA- The Blues Box
VA- The Blues Story
VA- The Great Blues Men
VA- The Guitar Album
VA- The Paramount Masters
VA- The R&B Years [Columbia]
VA- The Rural Blues
VA- The Story of The Blues
VA- Times Ain’t Like They Used To Be
VA- Violin, sing the blues for me
VA- Voodoo Blues
Vaughan, Stevie Ray
—(1983) Texas Flood
—(1984) Couldn’t Stand The Weather
—(1985) Soul To Soul
—(1986) Live Alive
—(1989) In Step
—(1991) The Sky Is Crying
Vinson, Eddie ‘Cleanhead’
—(1974) Jamming The Blues
—Eddie ‘Cleanhead’ Vinson & Roomful of Blues

Walker, T-Bone
—(1940-54) Complete Recordings 1940-54
—(1942-49) The Complete Capitol – Black & White Recordings
—(1949) Stormy Monday
—(1961) I Get So Weary
—(1966-67) The Bluesway Sessions
—(1973) Very Rare
—(2004) Everytime
—(2015) I Get So Weary + Singing the Blues
Walter, Little
—Boss Blues Harmonica
Ward, Billy
—(1993) Sixty Minute Men
Waters, Muddy
—(1960) Muddy Waters at Newport
—(1972) Fathers and Sons
—(1977) Hard Again [2004]
—(1978) Muddy ‘Mississippi’ Waters live
Wells, Junior
—Better Off with the Blues
White, Bukka
—Sky Songs
White, Tony Joe
—(1993) The Best of Tony Joe White
—(2012) Collected
—(2018) Bad Mouthin’
Whitley, Chris
—(2006) Dislocation Blues
—Living with the Law
Wilcoxson, Sheila
—(1997) Backwater Blues
Wild Tchoupitoulas, the
—(1976) The Wild Tchoupitoulas
Wilkins, Robert
—The Original Rolling Stone (cd)
Williams, Joe
—(1995) Every Day (the Best of the Verve Years)
Williams, Robert ‘Pete’
—l Blues di Robert ‘Pete’ Williams (1977)
—Louisiana Blues (1966)
Williamson II (Rice Miller), Sonny Boy
—(1951-64) Studio Sessions
—(1966) Live at The Crawdaddy Club
—The Sonny Boy Williamson Story
Williamson, John Lee
—(1937-47) The Right Kind of Life
Wilson, Kim
Wilson, U.P
—Boogie Boy! The Texas Guitar Tornado Returns!
Winter, Johnny
—(1969) Johnny Winter
—(1969a) The Woodstock Experience [2009]
—(1969b) Second Winter (Legacy)[2004]
—(1978) White, Hot & Blue
—(2014) Step Back
Witherspoon, Jimmy
—Midnight Lady Called The Blues
—Sings The Blues with Panama Francis
—Spoon So Easy

Young, Johnny
—Chicago Blues

Zydeco, Buckwheat
—(1999) The Buckwheat Zydeco Story



Achison, Geoff
—(1994) Classically Blue
—(1995) Genevieve
—(1996) Mystery Train
—(2010) Jammin’ in the Attic
Auty, Kelly
—(2010) Mademoiselle Chante

Backsliders, the
—(1989) Sitting On A Million
—(1991) Hellhound
—(1992) Live At The Royal [192]
—(1995) Wide Open [192]
Black and Blues, Mr
—(2013) Blow These Tracks
Blue Heat
—(1995) Marooned
Bondi Cigars
—(1990) Bondi Cigars
—(1992) Bad Weather Blues
—(1993) Got The News
—(1995) After Closing Time
—(1998) Mercy
Boyes, Fiona
—(2000) Blues in MY Heart
—(2002) Gimme Some Sweet Jelly Roll
—(1992) The Road More Travelled
—(1994) Cordially Yours

—(1971) Toward The Blues [2001]
—(1973) Two of a Kind
—(1974) History of Chain [2013]
Charles, Nick
—(2005) New Kind of Feeling
—(2013) All About Sonny Terry & Brownie McGhee
Collard Greens & Gravy
—(2000) More Gravy!
—(2004) Silver Bird
Cowan, Andy
—(2006) Troubadour Nights
—(2014) After The Rain

Davies, Damon
—(1995) Ride This Train
Dinnen, Dan
—(2013) Last Thing On My Mind

Eastick, Mal
—(1995) The Southern Line

G Men
—Red Dirt Blues
Geyer, Renee
—(1974) It’s a Man’s Man’s World
—(1975) Ready to Deal
—(1978) Blues License
Giants, the
—(1992) Live At Broadford
Grunwald, Ash
—(2002) Introducing Ash Grunwald
—(2004) I Don’t Believe
—(2006) Give Signs
—(2014) Ash Grunwald [USA]

Hippos, the
—(1988) Hippocracy
Hole, Dave
—(1990) Short Fuse Blues
—(1993) Working Overtime
—(1994) The Plumber
—(1995) Steel on Steel
Hoochie Coochie Men
—(2003) Live at the Basement
—(2008) The Hoochie Coochie Men

Lang, Jeff
—(2004) Whatever Makes You Happy
Lil’ Fi & the Delta Rhythm Kings
—(199-) Yip-Yah!

Manning, Phil
—(1992) Can’t Stop
—(1995) The Back Shed
—(2006) The Essential Acoustic Collection
Meehan, Kate
—(1999) As Long as I’ve Sung the Blues
Mojos, the
—(1995) Sassy Mama

Paramount Trio, the
—(1993) Step it up and go

Rocket 88
—(1994) Monkey Doin’ Woman

Saddington, Wendy
—(1971) Live [2010]
—(1972) Looking Through a Window
Salty Dog
—(2001) Slap That Thing
—(2008) Salty Dog Are Mudsteppin’
—(2011) Lose These Blues
Sideshow Annie
—(2011) Sideshow Annie
Southon, Matt
—(2009) Australian Verandah Blues
Stoneking, C.W
—(2000) C.W Stoneking
—(2005) King Hokum
—(2008) Jungle Blues
—(2014) Gon’ Boogaloo

Ten Cent Shooters
—(1995) The Ten Cent Shooters
Tilders, Dutch
—(1990) The Blues Is My Life
—(1992) Eureka Files 1975-1980
—(1993) Live at the Station Hotel
—(2010) Going on a Journey

VA- Bluesfest (2004) The Album
VA- Bluesfest (2013) Sampler
VA- Bluesfest (2015)
VA- Deep South- South Australian Rhythm and Blues
VA- Real Australian Blues vol 1 (1992)
Veen, Ernie van
—(2004) One Tiny Life

Walker, Matt
—(1995) Matt Walker & Friends – Live at Rainbow Hotel
Warner Brothers, the
—(1992) Talking In Your Sleep
Wilson, Chris
—(1996) Short Cool Ones
—(2012) Box of Blues
—(2012) Flying Fish

Zar, Ivan
—(1995) Track Me Down