Since March 13th, 2012, I’ve been archiving The Record Collection.  Here is a listing of the Folk albums that I’ve archived so far…


Adams, Derroll
—(1967) Portland Town
—(1972) Feelin’ Fine
—(2002) VA- Banjoman [Tribute]
Albion Band, the
—(1980) Lark Rise to Candleford [1991]
Almanac Singers, the
—(1941) Songs For John Doe
—(1942) Which Side Are You On
—(2001) Songs of Protest
Armstrong-van Ronk
—(1990) Let No One Deceive You
Askew, Ed

Baez, Joan
—(1960) Joan Baez
—(1961) Joan Baez (vol 02)
—(1975) From Every Stage
—(2018) Whistle Down the Wind
Barker, Emily
—(2013) Dear River
Bellamy, Peter
—(1976) The Barrack-Room Ballads of Rudyard Kipling
—(1979) Both Sides Then
—Wake The Vaulted Echoes[vol 1-3]
Bloom, Luka
—The Acoustic Motorbike
—(1982) Blowzabella
—(2007) Octomento
—(2010) Dance
Blue Murder
—(2002) No One Stands Alone
Boyes, Jim
—(2015) Sensations of a Wound
Bragg, Billy
—(1983) Life’s a Riot with Spy vs Spy
—(1983) The Peel Sessions
—(1984) Brewing up with Billy Bragg
—(1986) Talking with the Taxman about Poetry
—(1987) Back to Basics
—(1988) Worker’s Playtime
—(1991) The Peel Session Album (1983-1988)
—(1999) Reaching To The Converted
—(2013) Tooth & Nail
—(2014) Live at The Union Chapel
—(2016) Shine A Light
—(1998) Mermaid Avenue
—(2000) Mermaid Avenue vol 2
Bras, Dan Ar
—(1977) Douar Nevez
Brass Monkey
—(1993) The Complete Brass Monkey
—(2009) Head of Steam
Briggs, Anne
—(1971) Anne Briggs
—(1971) The Time Has Come
—(1999) A Collection
Bromberg, David
—(1978) My Own House
—(1978) My Own House
—(2013) Only Slightly Mad
Brothers Four, the
—(1960a) The Brothers Four
—(1960b) Rally ‘Round
—(1961) Roamin’
Brozman, Bob
—(2010) Six Days in Down
Bull, Sandy
—(1999) Re-Invention (the Best of Vanguard Years)

Carolina Chocolate Drops
—(2006) Dona Got A Ramblin’ Mind
—(2006b) Dona Got a Ramblin’ Mind
—(2007) Heritage
—(2009) Carolina Chocolate Drops and Joe Thompson
—(2010) Genuine Negro Jig
—(2012) Leaving Eden
Carthy, Eliza
—(1996) Heat Light & Sound
—(1998) Red
—(1998) Rice
—(2000) Angels & Cigarettes
—(2005) Rough Music
—(2008) Dreams of Breathing Underwater
—(2010) Gift
—(2011) Neptune
—(2013) Wayward Daughter
Carthy, Martin
—(1965) Martin Carthy
—(1978) The January Man (Live in Belfast 1978) [2010]
—(1982) Out Of The Cut
—(1998) Signs Of Life (1998)
—(2004) Waiting For Angels
—(2011) Essential
Carthy, Martin and Eliza
—(2014) The Moral of the Elephant
—(2013) Laylam
—(1995) Shape of Scrape
—(1966) Second Album
—(1967) Byker Hill [1991]
—(1968) But Two Came By
—(1969) Prince Heathen
—(1990) Life and Limb
—(2007) Both Ears and the Tail
Chapman, Michael
—(2000) Americana
—(2002) Americana 2
Chapman, Tracy
—Tracy Chapman
Chieftains, the
—(1991) the Bells of Dublin
—The Essential Chieftains
Civil Wars, the
—(2011) Barton Hollow [Euro]
Collins, Judy
—(1961) A Maid of Constant Sorrow [2001]
—(1962) Golden Apples of the Sun [2001]
—(1970) Whales and Nightingales
—(1975) Judith
—(2004) Sings Leonard Cohen Democracy [@256]
—(2016) A Love Letter to Stephen Sondheim
Collins, Shirley
—(1959-60) Two Classic Albums (plus bonus tracks) [2012]
——01 Sweet England [bonus tracks]
——02 False True Lovers [bonus tracks]
—(1964) Folk Roots, New Routes
—(1968) The Power of the True Love Knot
—(1969) Anthems in Eden
—(1971) No Roses
—(2002) Within Sound
Collins, Shirley+Dolly
—(2008) The Harvest Years
Coolidge, Priscilla
—(1970) Gypsy Queen [2013]
Covington, Julie
—(1978) Julie Covington [virgin]
Critics Group, the
—(1966) Sweet Thames Flow Softly
—(1968) The Female Frolic
—(1968) Waterloo, Peterloo
—(1970) Living Folk
—(1971) Ye Mariners All

Dalton, Karen
—(1962) Cotton Eyed Joe
—(1963) Green Rocky Road
—(1966) 1966
—(1969) It’s So Hard To Tell Who’s Going To Love You The Best
—(1971) In My Own Time
Denny, Sandy
—(1971) The North Star Grassman and the Ravens
—(1972) Sandy
—(2016) I’ve Always Kept A Unicorn
DH Lawrence & the Vaudeville Skiffle Show
—(2015) Sons & Lovers
Dilcher, Cheryl
—(1970) Special Songs
Dillon, Mary
—(2013) North
Doucet, David
—(1999) 1957- Solo Cajun Guitar
Doucet, Michael
—(1988) Michael Doucet and Cajun Brew
—(1994) The Mad Reel
Drake, Nick
—(1969) Five Leaves Left
—(1970) Bryter Layter
—(1972) Pink Moon
—(1976) The Fiddler’s Dream
Dransfield, Barry
—(1972) Barry Dransfield
—(1978) Bowin’ and Scrapin’
Dransfield, Robin and Barry
—(1970) The Rout of the Blues
—(1971) Lord of All I behold
—(1977) Popular to Contrary Belief
Dupree, Nancy
—(1969) Ghetto Reality

Elliott, Ramblin’ Jack
—2009 – Newport Folk Festival
—2011 – Newport Folk Festival
—Jack Elliott
—The Celts (1987)
Even Dozen Jug Band, the
—(1964) The Even Dozen Jug Band [2014]

Fairport Convention
—(1967-75) Meet on the Ledge
—(1969) Liege & Lief
—(1969) Unhalfbricking
—(1969) What We Did On Our Holidays
—(2006) The Fairport Companion
Farge, Peter la
—(1962) ‘Ira Hayes’ and Other Ballads
Farina, Mimi & Richard
—(1965) Celebrations for a Grey Day
—(1965) Reflections In A Crystal Wind
—(1968) Memories
—(1963) Dick Farina and Eric von Schmidt
Feliciano, Jose
—(1965) The Voice and Guitar of Jose Feliciano
Fisher & Artie Tresize, Cilla
—Cilla & Artie
—(1970) Fotheringay
—(1970) Fotheringay 2
Fraser, Alasdair
—(2004) Fire and Grace
—(2007) In the Moment
—(2011) Highlander’s Farewell

Gaughan, Dick
—(1972) No More Forever
—(1981) Handful of Earth
—(1996) Sail On
Giddens, Rhiannon
—(2015) Factory Girl [EP]
—(2015) Tomorrow Is My Turn
—(2017) Freedom Highway
—(2019) There is no Other
—Rhiannon Giddens’ Record Collection
Graham, Davy
—(1965) Folk, Blues and Beyond
Greenway, John
—(1959) Australian Folksongs and Ballads
Grisman, David
—(1980) Hot Dawg
Guthrie, Arlo
—(1967) Alice’s Restaurant
—(1979) Outlasting the Blues
—(2005) Live in Sydney
—The Best of Arlo Guthrie
Guthrie, Woody
—(1962) Woody Guthrie Sings Folk Songs
—(2012) Woody at 100- The Woody Guthrie Centennial Collection
—Woody Guthrie

Hank Dogs
—(1999) Bareback
Hardin, Tim
—(1966) Tim Hardin 1
Hardy, Bella
—(2007) Night Visiting
—(2009) In The Shadow Of Mountains
—(2011) Songs Lost & Stolen
—(2012) Bright Morning Star
—(2012) The Dark Peak and The White
—(1968) Folk Songs of Old England (vol 01) [1976]
—(1971) Summer Solstice [1976]
Havens, Richie
—(1965) Richie Havens’ Record
—(1966-68) Electric Havens
—(1967) Mixed Bag
—(1968) Something Else Again
—(1969) Woodstock – bootleg
—(1971) Alarm Clock
Hemphill, Sid
—(1942) The Devil’s Dream
Hicks, Dan
—(1969) Original Recordings [1991]
—(1978) It Happened One Bite [2001]
—(2010) Crazy For Christmas
Hinojosa, Tish
Hopkin, Mary
—(1969) Post Card [1991]
—(1971) Earth Song, Ocean Song
Hutchings, Ashley
—Morris On
—Son of Morris On
—The Guv’nor
——(1994) Vol 1
——(1995) Vol 2
——(1995) Vol 3
——(1996) Vol 4
——(2002) Vol 5


Ian, Janis
—(1975) Between The Lines
—(2008) Best of
Imlach, Hamish
—(2006) Cod Liver Oil and Orange Juice
Incredible String Band, the
—(1966) The Incredible String Band
—(1968) The Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter [2010]
Indigo Girls
—Live- Back on the Bus, Y’all
—Andy Irvine, Paul Brady

Jackson, Aunt Molly
—(1939) Library of Congress Recordings
—(1961) The Songs and Stories of Aunt Molly Jackson
Jansch, Bert
—(1965) Bert Jansch
—(1992) After The Dance – Historic Collaborations
Jones, Wizz
—(1970) The Legendary Me [2006]

Kate in the Kettle
—(2014) Swimmings of the Head
Killen, Lou and Sally
—(1975) Bright Shining Morning
Killen, Louis
—(1993) A Bonny Bunch
—(1976) Steady As She Goes
—(1973) The Compleat Dancing Master
Kottke, Leo
—(1968) 6- & 12-String Guitar
—(1978) Burnt Lips
Kweskin and the Jug Band, Jim
—(1970) Greatest Hits!
Kweskin, Jim
—(1967) Garden of Joy
—(1979) Side By Side
—Jim Kweskin’s America (1971)

Leven, Jackie
—(1994) the Mystery of Love
—(1995) Forbidden Songs of the Dying West
Lightfoot, Gordon
—(1970) Nicely Out Of Tune
Lloyd, A.L (Bert)
—Australian Bush Songs
—The Old Bush Songs
Lohstana (David Chapel)
—Folk & Acoustic

MacColl, Ewan
—(1956) Scots Drinking Songs
—(1959) Bad Lads and Hard Cases
—(1959) Songs of Robert Burns
—(1960) Blow, Boys, Blow
—(1960) Chorus from the Gallows
—(1962) Broadside Ballads, Vol.1 (London- 1600-1700)
—(1962) The Jacobite Rebellions [1994]
—(1962) Whaler out of New Bedford, other songs of the whaling era
—(1959) Classic Scots Ballads
—(1960) New Briton Gazette (vol 1)
—(1962) New Briton Gazette (vol 2)
—(1964) Steam Whistle Ballads
—(1968) The Amorous Muse
—(1968) The Wanton Muse
—(1979) Live at Regent Theatre [Sydney, Aust]
Magna Carta
—Seasons (1970)
Marling, Laura
—(2008) Alas I Cannot Swim
—(2010) I Speak Because I Can
—(2013) Once I Was An Eagle
—(2015) Short Movie
Martin, Steve
—(2013) Love has Come for You
Martyn, Beverley
—(2014) The Phoenix and The Turtle
Martyn, John
—(1970) The Road to Ruin
—(1971) Bless the Weather
—(1973) Solid Air
—(1986) Piece by Piece
—(1992) Couldn’t Love You More
—(2001) The Brewery Arts Centre Kendal 1986
Mary-Anne (Paterson)
—Me (1970)
McCalla, Leyla
—(2016) A Day For The Hunter, A Day For The Prey
—(1980) Port of Call
McGarrigle, Kate & Anna
—(1975) Kate & Anna McGarrigle
—(1980) Entre la Jeunesse et la Sagesse
—(1982) Love Over and Over
—(1990) Heartbeats Accelerating
—(1996) Matapedia
—(1998) The McGarrigle Hour
—(2003) La Vache Qui Pleure [2005]
—(2011) Tell My Sister
—VA- Sing Me the Songs
McGuinn, Roger
—The Folk Den Recordings
—McKennitt, Loreena
—(1991) The Visit
—(1994) The Mask and Mirror
—(2010) The Wind That Shakes The Barley
—(2011) Troubadours On The Rhine
McLeod, Rory
—(1985) Angry Love
—(1986) Kicking the Sawdust
McTell, Ralph
—(1969) Spiral Staircase
—(1971) You Well-Meaning Brought Me Here [UK]
—(1972) Not Till Tomorrow
—(1976) Right Side Up [2001]
—(1968) Born to Be [2007]
—(1969) Affectionately Melanie [2007]
Moore, Christy
—Christy Moore Collection
Muldaur, Maria
—(2018) Don’t You Feel My Leg

New Lost City Ramblers, the
—(1958-62) The Early Years
—(1959) Songs from the Depression
—(1963-73) New Lost City Ramblers Vol 2 [1993]

Ochs, Phil
—(1965) I Ain’t Marching Anymore
—(1967) Pleasures of the Harbor
—(1970) Carnegie Hall (27-Mar-1970 Late Show)
—(1974) Gunfight at Carnegie Hall
—(1956) Odetta sings Ballads and Blues
—(1956-57) The Tradition Masters
—(1960) sings the Ballad for Americans
—(1962) Odetta and the Blues
Ogan Gunning, Sarah
—(1965) A Girl of Constant Sorrow
Old and in The Way
—(1975) Old and in The Way
Our Native Daughters
—(2019) Songs of Our Native Daughters
—Tom Paley & Peggy Seeger
Paulusma, Polly
—(2012) Leaves From The Family Tree
Pentangle, the
—(1968) Sweet Child
—(1968) The Pentangle
—(1969) Basket of Light
Peter Paul and Mary
—(1962) Peter, Paul and Mary
—(1970) Ten Years Together [1993]
—(2005) The very best of Peter, Paul and Mary
Prine, John
—(1993) Great Days – The John Prine Anthology
Prior, Maddy
—(2002) Bib and Tuck
—(2010) Vaughan Williams Carols, Songs & Hymns
—(1976) Silly Sisters
—(1988) No More To The Dance


Rawling, Jenn
—(2011) Take the Air
—(2013) Tarantula Arms
Reed, Ola Belle
—(1972-78) Rising Sun Melodies
Reischman, John
—(2013) Walk Along John
Renbourn, John
—(1998) The Definitive Transatlantic Collection
Ritchie, Jean
—(1956) American Folk Tales & Songs
Roche, Maggie & Terre
—(1975) Seductive Reasoning
Roches, the
—(2003) The Collected Works of the Roches
Ronk, Dave van
—(1962) Foksinger
—(1994) Going Back to Brooklyn
—Best of Dave van Ronk [home made]
—Gambler’s Blues
—Somebody Else, Not Me

Sainte-Marie, Buffy
—(1965) Many a Mile
Schmidt, Eric von
—(1963) the folk blues of Eric von Schmidt
Scruggs, Earl
—(2003) The Three Pickers
Seeger, Mike
—(1971) Music From True Vine
—(1988) Fresh Oldtime String Band Music
—Southern Banjo Sounds
Seeger, Peggy
—(1955-92) Songs of Love and Politics
—(1957) The Three Sisters
—(1962) Folk Songs of Courting and Complaint
Seeger, Peggy, Mike, Pete
—Folk Songs with the Seegers
Seeger, Pete
—(1955) Birds, Beasts, Bugs and Fishes [1998]
—(1965) Hootenanny with Pete Seeger
—(1967) Pete Seeger’s Greatest Hits [2002]
Sill, Judee
—(1971) Judee Sill [2005]
—(1973) Heart Food [2003]
Smith, Hobart
—(1963) In Sacred Trust
—Blue Ridge Legacy
—Spence, Joseph
—(1958) The Complete Folkways Recordings
Stained Glass
—(1974) Open Road
Steeleye Span
—(1982) On Tour [Adelaide, SA]
—(1996) Time
—(1998) Horkstow Grange
—(2000) Bedlam Born
—(2009) A Parcel of Steeleye Span
—(2015) Catch Up (the essential Steeleye Span)
—(2016) Dodgy Bastards
—Now We Are Six Again
Steep Canyon Rangers
—(2013) Tell the Ones I Love
Stewart, Andy M
—(1989) Songs of Robert Burns
Swarbrick, Dave
—(2003) English Fiddler (Swarbrick plays Swarbrick)
—(2006) Swarb’s Lazarus – Live & Kicking
—(2010) Raison D’Etre

Tabor, June
—(1976) Airs and Graces [1989]
—(1994) Against The Streams
—(2005) Always [box set]
—(2013) Quercus
The Trials of Cato
—(2018) Hide and Hair
Thompson, Linda
—(1996) Dreams Fly Away
—(2007) Versatile Heart -TRC-678
—(2013) Won’t Be Long Now
Thompson, Richard
—(1972) Kew Bridge Folk Club
—(1985) Across A Crowded Room
—(1993) Watching the Dark
—(2003) The Old Kit Bag
—(2014) Acoustic Classics
—(2017) Acoustic Classics II
Thompson, Richard and Linda
—(1972-75) The End of the Rainbow
—(1974) I Want to See the Bright Lights Tonight [2004]
—(1975) Hokey Pokey [2004]
—(1982) Shoot Out The Lights
Tilston, Steve
—(1976) Songs From the Dress Rehearsal [2005]

Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britian
—Live in London

VA- 1996 Sugar Hill Sample
VA- A Woman’s Heart (Trilogy) [2010]
VA- Acoustic Rainbow [Vol 11]
VA- Anthology of American Folk Music
VA- Ayrshire Folk
VA- Back Roads To Cold Mountain [SFW40149]
VA- Best of Woodsongs, Vol. 1
VA- Borderlands [Scottish]
VA- Cajun Dance Tunes
VA- Cajun Home Music
VA- Cajun Social Music
VA- Classic Ballads of Britain and Ireland [Alan Lomax]
VA- Classic Series (Smithsonian Folkways)
—(2002) SFW40092 Classic Bluegrass
—(2002) SFW40094 Classic Mountain Songs
—(2003) SFW40093 Classic Old-Time Music
—(2003) SFW40134 Classic Blues
—(2003) SFW40148 Classic Blues Vol. 2
—(2004) SFW40053 Classic Maritime Music
—(2004) SFW40110 Classic Folk Music
—(2005) SFW40137 Classic Southern Gospel
—(2005) SFW40163 Classic Bluegrass Vol. 2
—(2006) SFW40166 Classic Labor Songs
—(2006) SFW40191 Classic African-American Ballads
—(2006) SFW40192 Classic Railroad Songs
—(2006) SFW40539 Classic Canadian Songs
—(2007) SFW40193 Classic Old-Time Fiddle
—(2008) SFW40194 Classic African American Gospel
—(2008) SFW40196 Classic Piano Blues
—(2009) SFW40197 Classic Protest Songs
—(2010) SFW40183 Classic Sounds of New Orleans
—(2010) SFW40198 Classic Appalachian Blues
—(2013) SFW40204 Classic Harmonica Blues
—(2013) SFW40209 Classic Banjo
—(2013) SFW40560 Classic Celtic Music
—(2014) SFW40211 Classic African American Songsters
—(2015) SFW40215 Classic American Ballads
—(2017) SFW40221 Classic Piedmont Blues
VA- Close to Home (Mike Seeger Collection 1952-67)
VA- Deep River of Song
—11661-1821 Black Texicans [1999]
—11661-1822 Bahamas 1935 vol 01 [1999]
—11661-1823 Black Appalachia [1999]
—11661-1824 Mississippi – Saints and Sinners [1999]
—11661-1825 Mississippi – The Blues Lineage [1999]
—11661-1826 Big Brazos [2000]
—11661-1827 Virginia and the Piedmont [2000]
—11661-1828 Georgia [2001]
—11661-1829 Alabama [2001]
—82161-1830 Louisiana [2004]
—82161-1831 South Carolina [2002]
—82161-1832 Bahamas 1935 vol 02 [2002]
VA- Folk Festival (Sidmouth)
VA- Folk Friends
—(1978) Folk Friends 1
—(1981) Folk Friends 2
VA- Folk [Left Blank compilation]
—Folk 01-10
—Folk 11-20
—Folk 21-30
—Folk 31-40
—Folk 41-50
—Folk 51-60
—Folk 61-70
VA- Great Folk Rock Songs [butterboy]
VA- Greatest Folksingers of the ’60s
VA- Greenwich Village Folk Scene (2014)
VA- Greenwich Village Folk Scene (Original Album Series) [2014]
—01 The Even Dozen Jug Band
—02 The Blues Project
—03 Phil Ochs
—(1965) I Ain’t Marching Anymore
—04 Fred Neil
—(1965) Bleecker and McDougal
—05 Tom Paxton
—(1965) Ain’t That The News
VA- Hootenanny Special
VA- Landmarks [Fellside Recordings]
—01 Fellside landmarks [signposts]
—02 Fellside landmarks [starting points]
—03 Fellside landmarks [wayside views]
VA- Les Haricots Sont Pas Sales
VA- Milk of the Tree
VA- Music Down Home
VA- Music From The Lost Provinces
VA- Negro Folk Music of Alabama
—01 – Secular Music
—02 – Religious Music
—03 – Rich Amerson-1
—04 – Rich Amerson-2
—05 – Spirituals
—06 – Ring Game Songs and Others
VA- Old-time fiddle band music from Kentucky
—Vol. 01 -Wink The Other Eye
—Vol. 02 -Wish I Had My Time Again
—Vol. 03 -Way Down South in Dixie
VA- Orange Green Yellow Near – 60s Folk-Rock [EasilyConfused]
VA- Sailors’ Songs and Sea Shanties
VA- Scarborough Fair- The Best of English Folk (2006)
VA- Skiffle [as good as it gets]
VA- Songs of seduction [Alan Lomax]
VA- Songs of the Civil War (Joe Bussard presents)
VA- The Best of Broadside 1962-1988
VA- The Folk Songs of Britain
—01 Songs of Courtship
—02 Songs of Seduction
—03 Jack of All Trades
—04 The Child Ballads 1
—05 The Child Ballads 2
—06 Sailormen and Servingmaids
—07 Fair Game and Foul
—08 A Soldier’s Life For Me
—09 Songs of Ceremony
—10 Songs of Animals and Other Marvels
VA- The Iron Muse [1993]
VA- The Real Music Box (25 Years of Rounder Records)
VA- The Ultimate Cajun Collection
VA- The Wheels of the World (Early Irish-American Music)
VA- Three Score and Ten [Topic Records Box Set]
VA- Time-Life – The Folk Years
VA- Troubadours (USA) [box set]
VA- Troubadours of British Folk
VA- Voice of the People [series]
—28- Orkney (traditional dance music from Orkney)
VA- Willner Projects [Folk], Hal
—(2006) Rogue’s Gallery
—(2006) The Harry Smith Project
—(2013) Son of Rogues Gallery
VA- Womenfolk

Wainwright III, Loudon
—(1970) Loudon Wainwright III [Album I]
—(1971) Album II
—(1972) Album III
—(1982-86) One Man Guy
—(2010) 10 Songs For The New Depression
—(2012) Older Than My Old Man Now
Wainwright, Martha
—(2016) Goodnight City
—Martha Wainwright
—(1997) Walela
—(2000) Unbearable Love
Waterson, Lal
—(1996) Once in a Blue Moon
—(1999) A Bed of Roses
—(2010) BBC 4- Once in a Blue Moon_ The Songs of Lal Waterson
—(2013) Teach Me to Be a Summer’s Morning
Waterson, Lal and Mike
—(1971) Bright Phoebus [2000]
Waterson, Norma
—(1996) Norma Waterson
—(1999) The Very Thought of You
—(1994) Waterson Carthy
—(1996) Common Tongue
—(1999) Broken Ground
—(2002) A Dark Light
—(2004) Fishes and Fine Yellow Sand
—(2006) Holy Heathens and the Old Green Man
Watersons, the
—(1965) Frost and Fire
—(1975) For Pence and Spicy Ale
—(2003) The Definitive Collection
—(2004) Mighty River of Song
Weavers, the
—(1961) The Weavers’ Almanac
West, Hedy
—(2011) Ballads and Songs from the Appalachians
Westerman, Floyd
—(1969) Custer Died For Your Sins
—(1984) The Land Is Your Mother
Whippersnapper [swarbrick]
—(1985) Promises
—(1987) Tsubo
Whitmore, William Elliott
—(2003) Hymns for the Hopeless
—(2011) Field Songs
|Wooden O, the
—(1969) A Handeful of Pleasant Delites
Woods, Gay and Terry
—(1971) The Woods Band
—(1978) Tender Hooks

Zandt, Townes van
—(1973) Live at the Old Quarter, Houston, Texas



Affley, Declan
—(1974) The Day the Pub Burned Down
Audreys, the
—(2006) Between Last Night and Us
—(2014) ‘Til My Tears Roll Away

Bogle, Eric
—(1996) The Emigrant and The Exile
—When The Wind Blows
Bolan, Bernard
—Send The City Sunshine
Borderers, the
—(2002) Inspired!
—(2007) A Time for Change
Brock, Robbie
—(1988) On the Blooming Queenland Side
—(2015) Declaration

Captain Crabbe
—(1976) All Abound for Sydney Town
Catalpa Singers
—(1966) Australian Colonial Ballads
Clauson, William
—(1960) Click Go The Shears
—Cobbers by Request
—Portraits of Australian Women
—Rolling Home
Colonials, the
—(1967) Songs from Down Under
Country Express
—(1985) Another Loneosme Morning
Crooked Fiddle Band, the
—Overgrown Tales
—(1982) First Exchange

Dodsworth, Graham
—Summer Madness
Dude Skoodle
—Skoodle’s Ark

Fahey and the Larrikins, Warren
—Billy of Tea

Good Time Bush Band
—(1981) At Parmy’s Woolshed Berrima

Jacobs, Shirley
—(1972) A Voice from the City
—(1975) Songs of Love and Freedom

Kenny, Judy
—(1969) Colonial Australia
Kinsfolk, the
—(2000) The Kinsfolk Collection
Kopke, John and Mary
—(1982) The Ship Mahogany

Larrikins, the
—(1977) Navvy on the Line
Lloyd, A.L (Bert)
—Australian Bush Songs
—The Old Bush Songs

McDonald, Hugh
—(1993) the Lawson Album
—(1978) Revived and Relieved
Munro, Liz and John
—(1985) Family Favourites

O’Sullivan, Cathie
—(1980) Artesian Waters
—(1983) High Places
—(1994) Inside Dry Water
—(1996) Dark Pleasures & Angels

Raglan Road
—(c1980) Raglan Road
—(1980) Virgin Ground
—(1981) Brown Rice and Kerosine
—(1982) Cut to the Quick [EP]
—(1983) Caught in The Act
—(1984) Frontline
Roadknight, Margret
—(1978) Ice
—(2013) Decade ’75-’84
Roaring Jack
—(2002) The Complete Works
Ross Singers, Leslie
—(1964) Australian Sing-Along
Rum Culls
—(1982) Dead Cocky

Shearers Nightmare
—(1984) Burning Sleepers
Shearston, Gary
—(1964) Folk Songs & Ballads Of Australia
—(1964) Songs Of Our Time
—(1965) Australian Broadside
—(1965) Bolters, Bushrangers & Duffers
—(1965) The Springtime It Brings On The Shearing
—(1967) Abreaction (On A Bitumen Road With Soft Edges)
—(2007) Here & There, Now & Then
Small, Judy
—(1982) A Natural Selection
—(1993) Second Wind
—(1987) Spindlewood
—(1991) Face The Wind
—(1995) Blue Sky Red Earth
Spooner, Danny
—(1987) When a man’s in Love
—(1988) We’ll either bend or break ‘er
—(2002) Launch out on the Deep
—(2006) The Great Leviathan – Songs of the Whaling Industry
—(2007) Emerging Tradition
—(2007) Years of Spooner
—(2008) Brave Bold Boys

Tarr ‘n’ Feather
—(2004) First Brew
Tracey Munro Tracey
—(1987) Nightpiece

VA- Maldon Folk Festival (2003)
VA- National Folk Festival
—(2000) National Folk Festival 2000
—(2003) The National (35 years of the National Folk Festival)
—(2007) National Folk Festival 2007
VA- SCALA (Songwriters, Composers and Lyricists Assoc)
—(2002) Here We Are Again
—(2005) Over the Edge
VA- Showcase 2005
—01 Showcase 2005 [Salt]
—02 Showcase 2005 [Pepper]
VA- The Snowy River Men
VA- Three Floors Down
VA- Waltzing Matilda (Songs of Aust Bush)
VA- While the Billy Boils [ABC-Larrikin]

Wild Colonials, the
—(1971) Euabalong Ball
Wombat’s Bush Band
—(1988) The Bush Dance Album
Woodley, Bruce
—(1974) The Roaring Days, vol 1
Wyndham-Read, Martyn
—(1967) Bullockies, Bushwackers and Booze
—(1970) Ned Kelly and that Gang
—(1973) Harry the Hawker is Dead