MoR, Popular

Since March 13th, 2012, I’ve been archiving The Record Collection.  Here is a listing of the Middle of the Road [MoR], Popular albums that I’ve archived so far…



101 Strings
—(1961) Exodus and other great movie themes
Alpert, Herb
—(1962) The Lonely Bull
—(1965) Going Places [2015]
—(2001) Herb Alpert Definitive Hits

Bacharach, Burt
—(2013) VA- Anyone Who Had A Heart

Conniff, Ray
—(1978) Plays the Bee Gees and other Great Hits

Delgado, Roberto
—(1978) Fiesta for Dancing (vol 4)

Four Score Pianos
—(1972) The Magnificent Sound of the Four Score Pianos

Holliday, Judy
—(1960) Trouble is a Man

Indios Tabajaras, los
—(1963) Maria Elena @192
—(1966) Twin Guitars in a Mood for Lovers @192
—(1971) The Very Thought of You @192

Kostelanetz, Andre
—(1944) Music of George Gershwin
—Eight All-Time Hits

Light, Enoch
—(1970) Big Band Hits of the Thirties
Living Strings
—(1970) Airport Love Theme and other Motion Picture Themes

Mandingo [Geoff love]
—(1972) The Primeval Rhythm of Life
Mauriat, Paul
—(1990) Love Sounds Collection
McCallum, David
—(1966) Music- A Bit More Of Me
Mendes, Sergio
—(2011) Celebration (A Musical Journey)
Mitchum, Robert
—That Man

Paige, Elaine
—(1985) Love Hurts

Stewart Singers, the Mike
—(1976) Minstrel Magic
Stewart, Andy
—(1966) The Best of Andy Stewart
Studio 2 Stereo [EMI]
—Fahey, Brian
——(1967) Time For T.V [1999]
—Hawkshaw, Alan
——(1972) 27 Top TV Themes and Commercials [1999]
Swingle Singers
—(1963) Bach’s Greatest Hits (Jazz Sebastian Bach) [2000]
—(1968) Back to Bach (Jazz Sebastian Bach vol 2) [2000]
—(2009) Ferris Wheels

The Mom and Dads
—(1972) The Rangers Waltz

VA- Easy Listening Music [butterboy]
VA- For Hi-fi Living (series)
—01 Hill Bowen- I Could Have Danced All Night
—02 Tony Osborne- Hands Across The Table
—03 Ronnie Ogden- Hits From Hollywood
—04 Hill Bowen- I Married An Angel
—05 Hill Bowen- Love On Broadway
—06 Don Amore- Latin Holiday
—07 Jack Say- These Foolish Things
—08 Malcolm Lockyer- A Lazy Afternoon
—09 Jack Say- The Girl That I Marry (The Music Of Irving Berlin)
—10 Jocelyn McNeil- Very Hi-Fi Organ
—11 Tony Osborne- A Trip To Romance
—12 Malcolm Lockyer- We’re Having A Party
VA- The World of Easy Listening (series)
VA- To Leave This World Behind

Weston, Paul
—(1953) Whispers in the Dark
—Melodies for Sweethearts
—\—Woodward, Edward


Aznavour, Charles
—(1974) A Tapestry of Dreams
—(1996) 40 Chanson’s D’or
—(2014) Sings In English – Greatest Hits
—(2018) GMFE compilation

Bardot, Brigitte
—(1963-70) Best of BB
Bassey, Shirley
—(1962-78) Shirley Bassey Sings the Standards
—(1967) The Shirley Bassey Singles Album
—(1968) This Is My Life
—(1973) Never, Never, Never
—(2001) Sings the Standards
Baxter, Les
—(1952) Blue Tango [EP single]
—(1955) Blue Mirage [EP single]
—(1956) Tamboo
Belafonte, Harry
—(1956) Calypso
Berlin, Irving
—(2015) The Very Best of The Irving Berlin Songbook
Bowlly, Al
—(1934-1938) Two Sleepy People
—(1993) the Very Best of
—(1997) The Dance Band Years
—(2008) Al Bowlly and Ray Noble Orchestra [XX Bek]
Burke, Sonny
—(1954) Mambo Jambo

Clooney, Rosemary
—(1992) Girl Singer
Cugat, Xavier
—(1937-1943) Rumba Rumbero [1992]
—(1960) Cugat in France, Spain & Italy

Day, Doris
—(1947-1950) It’s Magic [BCD 15609]
—(1951-1955) Secret Love [BCD 15746]
—(1956-1959) Que Sera [BCD 15797]
—(1960-1967) Move Over Darling [BCD 15800]
—(1963) Duet [Previn)
—The Standard Transcriptions
—The V-Discs
Dennis, Denny
—(1933-43) Evergreen Melodies

Goulet, Robert
—(1963) Robert Goulet in Person

Harrison, Rex
—(1980 Accustomed to Her Face

Ink Spots, the
—(1935-38) Swing High! Swing Low!
—(1939-46) Greatest Hits [1989]
Ives, Burl
—(2004) Troubador

Kitt, Eartha
—(1958) St Louis Blues
—(1983) C’est Si Bon!
—(1983) Where Is My Man [12-inch single]
—(1984 I Love Men [maxi 45]
—(1986 This Is My Life [12-inch single]
—(1998) Purr-Fect [Greatest Hits]
—(2006) The Collection
—(2015) The Real… Eartha Kitt

Lanza, Mario
—(2013) The Toast of Hollywood
—Hall of Fame
Lee (Peggy), Christy (June)
—Complete Captiol Transcription Sessions [1998]
Lynn, Vera
—(1962) Hits of the Blitz
—Sincerely Yours

MacKenzie, Gisele
—(1958) Gisele
McKuen, Rod
—(1980) Without A Worry In The World
—(1981) Someone To Watch Over Me
—(2007) If You Go Away (RCA Years 1965-70)
—VA- Love’s Been Good To Me (Songs of Rod McKuen)
Merman, Ethel
—(1982) At Carnegie Hall (1982)
Mills Brothers, the
—(2005) Swing is the Thing (1934-48)
Morse, Ella Mae
—(1954) Barrelhouse, Boogie and the Blues

Page, Patti
—(1960) Golden Hits
Palm Court Theatre Orchestra
—(1980) The Picnic Party [1985]
—(1986) Puttin’ on the Ritz
—(1991) Down Peacock Alley
—(1992) Salon to Swing
—(1996) Sittin’ on a Rainbow
Piaf, Edith
—(1956) La Vie en Rose [1973]
—(1996) La Vie en Rose
—(2007) The Very Best of
Prado, Perez
—(1951) plays Mucho Mambo
—(1959) Latino!

Robeson, Paul
—(1995) Ol’ Man River

Shore, Dinah
—(1949) Dinah Shore sings (+ Columbia singles)
—(1957) sings Cole Porter and Richard Rodgers
—(1958) Love Songs
—(1959) Lavender Blue
—(1960) Buttons and Bows
—(1960) Dinah sings, Previn plays + Somebody Loves Me

The Charleston (1923-46)
—(1923-46) The Charleston
Torme, Mel
—(1999) A Very Special Time
——01 Lulu’s Back In Town (1956)
——02 Sings Fred Astaire (1956)
——03 It’s A Blue World (1955)

VA- A Time To Remember [series]
VA- American Songbook Series [Smithsonian]
VA- Down in the Basement [Joe Bussard]
VA- Paramount Old Time Recordings [box set]
VA- The Early 30’s (These were our Songs) [Reader’s Digest]
VA- The Flirty 30’s
VA- The Pig’s Big 78s (a beginner’s guide)
VA- The Thirties’ Girls

Woodward, Edward
—(1970) This Man Alone