Soundtrack, Showtune

Since March 13th, 2012, I’ve been archiving The Record Collection. Here is a listing of the Soundtrack, Showtune albums that I’ve archived so far…

Quick reference legend:

OST: Original Soundtrack | OMPS: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack | MPS: Motion Picture Soundtrack | OOBC: Original Off-Broadway Cast | OBC: Original Broadway Cast | OLC: Original London Cast | OC: Original Cast | BC: Broadway Cast | LC: London Cast | SC: Studio Cast


3 Weeks in Spring (Aust cast) [2019]
12 Monkeys -MMP (1995)
180 degrees South -OST (2010)
1916 The Irish Rebellion -score (2016)
2001 A Space Odyssey -OST (1968) [1996]
42nd Street (Aust cast) [1989]
42nd Street [OBC](1980)

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum [OBC](1962)
A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum [OLC](1963)
A Place at the Table -OST (2013)
A Prairie Home Companion -OMPS (2006)
A Star is Born -MPS (1954)
A Star Is Born -MPS (1954)[2004]
A Star Is Born -MPS (1976)
A Star is Born -OMPS [2018]
A Streetcar Named Desire (1948)[1974]
A Streetcar Named Desire (radio 04-04-1948)
A Streetcar Named Desire -OST (1951)
Africans in America [America’s Journey Through Slavery] -OST
Africans in America [America’s Journey Through Slavery] -video
Against The Wind -OST (1978) [Aust]
Ain’t Misbehavin’ (OBC)[1978]
Alfie -OST (1966)
Alice in Wonderland [Ginger Rogers](1949)
Amadeus -OST (1984)[1991]
Amelie (OBC) [2017]
Amelie (OST) [2001]
American Epic (the Collection) [MPS] (2017)
Anatomy of a Murder (OST)[1959]
Andy Griffith Show -TV (1961)
Animals Film -OST (1982)
Annie Get Your Gun -SC [LightMusic] (1961)
Annie Get Your Gun [Judy Garland] -OST (1949)
Anything Goes (Aust Cast)[1989]
Anything Goes -new Broadway Cast (1988)
Anything Goes [NBC-TV] (1954)
Apocalypse Now – OMPS
Apocalypse Now – Redux
Apocalypse Now – Sessions
Archer [Aust], Robyn
—A Star is Torn (single)
—Robyn Archer sings Brecht
Around The World In 80 Days -OMPS (1956)[2007]
Astaire, Fred
—(1952) The Special Magic of Fred Astaire
—(2013) The Early Years at RKO [1934-38]
At Long Last Love (OST)
Avenue Q (OBC) [2003]

Babes in Arms (SC)[1951]
Babes On Broadway [OST](1941)
Bagley, Ben [painted smiles]
—(1955) Ben Bagley’s Shoestring Revue
—(1957) Ben Bagley’s Shoestring ’57
—(1965) Ben Bagley’s Decline & Fall of the World according to Cole Porter
—(1970) Ben Bagley’s Ballet on Broadway & Nantucket
—(1970) The Littlest Revue (OCR)
—(1971) The Grass Harp – A Musical
—(1977) Too Many Girls
—(1978) Upstairs at O’Neals’ [1999]
—(1985) Kaye Ballard in ‘The Ladies Who Wrote the Lyrics’
—(1986) Mostly Mercer [2001]
—Ben Bagley’s Alan Jay Lerner Revisited
—Ben Bagley’s Arthur Schwartz Revisited
—Ben Bagley’s Cole Porter Revisited [vol.1] [21tks]
—Ben Bagley’s Cole Porter Revisited [vol.2] [Unpublished Cole Porter]
—Ben Bagley’s Cole Porter Revisited [vol.2] [unpublished]
—Ben Bagley’s Cole Porter Revisited [vol.3]
—Ben Bagley’s Cole Porter Revisited [vol.4]
—Ben Bagley’s Cole Porter Revisited [vol.5]
—Ben Bagley’s Contemporary Broadway Revisited
—Ben Bagley’s DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Revisited, Vol.I
—Ben Bagley’s DeSylva, Brown & Henderson Revisited, Vol.II
—Ben Bagley’s E.Y Harburg Revisited
—Ben Bagley’s Everyone Else Revisited
—Ben Bagley’s Frank Loesser Revisited
—Ben Bagley’s George Gershwin Revisited
—Ben Bagley’s Harold Arlen and Vernon Duke Revisited [vol.2]
—Ben Bagley’s Harold Arlen Revisted
—Ben Bagley’s Ira Gershwin Revisited
—Ben Bagley’s Irving Berlin Revisited
—Ben Bagley’s Jerome Kern Revisited [vol.1]
—Ben Bagley’s Jerome Kern Revisited [vol.2]
—Ben Bagley’s Jerome Kern Revisited [vol.3]
—Ben Bagley’s Jerome Kern Revisited [vol.4]
—Ben Bagley’s Kenward Elmslie Visited
—Ben Bagley’s Kurt Weill Revisited [vol.1]
—Ben Bagley’s Kurt Weill Revisited [vol.2]
—Ben Bagley’s Leonard Bernstein Revisited (m4a)
—Ben Bagley’s Leonard Bernstein Revisited (mp3)
—Ben Bagley’s Make Mine Manhattan + Great Revues Revisited
—Ben Bagley’s Noel Coward Revisited
—Ben Bagley’s Oscar Hammerstein Revisited
—Ben Bagley’s Rodgers and Hart Revisited [vol.1]
—Ben Bagley’s Rodgers and Hart Revisited [vol.2]
—Ben Bagley’s Rodgers and Hart Revisited [vol.3]a
—Ben Bagley’s Rodgers and Hart Revisited [vol.3]b
—Ben Bagley’s Rodgers and Hart Revisited [vol.4]
—Ben Bagley’s Vernon Duke Revisited
—Ben Bagley’s Vernon Duke Revisited [vol.2]
—Ben Bagley’s Vernon Duke Revisited [vol.3]
—Ben Bagley’s Vincent Youmans Revisited
Balibo [score) (2009)
Banjoman (OST) [1977]
Barbarella -OST (1968)
Barnum (Aust Cast) [1982]
Barnum (OLC) [1981]
Barry Lyndon (OST) [1975]
Batman -OST [Nelson Riddle] (1966)
Batman and Robin [Sun Ra’s Arkestra] (1966)
Batman Theme and 19 Hefti Bat Songs [Neal Hefti] (1967)
Beautiful- Carole King Musical (OBC)
Beauty and The Beast [Aust cast](1994)
Beauty and the Beast [OMPS deluxe](2017)
Bedazzled -OST (1967)[2010]
Beetlejuice (OBC) [2019]
Bells Are Ringing [OBC](1956)
Betty Boop
Big Lebowski -MPS (1998)
Billy’s Holiday -OST (1995) [Aust]
Black Orpheus (OST) [1964]
Blacula (OST) [1972]
Blade Runner (1982)[1994]
Blitzstein, Marc
—(1938) Blitzstein_ The Cradle Will Rock
—(1941) Blitzstein_ No for an Answer
—(1941) No for an Answer _Juno [demos JJA 19772]
—(1946) Blitzstein_ The Airborne Symphony
—(1948) Blitzstein_ Show (early version of The Guests)
—(1956) Marc Blitzstein discusses his Theatre Compositions
—(1958) Regina [NYC Opera Revival]
—(1964-Apr-19) The Cradle Will Rock (Memorial Concert)
—(1964-Nov) The Cradle Will Rock (Revival Cast)
Blood On The Sun [1945]
Blow Up [OST](1966)
Blue Velvet -OST (1986)
Blues Brothers (OST)[1980]
Book of Mormons (OBC) [2011]
Born Free (OST)[1966]
Born to Be Blue -MPS (2016)
Born To Dance -OST (1936)
Boy Friend, the -BC (1970)
Boy Friend, the -OBC (1954)
Boy Friend, the -OLC (1953)
Boyhood -OST (2014)
Brazil -OMPS (1985) [1992]
Breakfast at Tiffany’s -OST (1961)
Breakfast at Tiffany’s -OST (1961) [2013]
Bridge on the River Kwai, the -Score (1957)[1995]
Brigadoon (SC)[1957]
Brigadoon [OMPS](1954)
Buskers and Angels (Orig Aust Cast)[2000]
Bye, Bye Birdie -SC [LightMusic] (1965)
Byrne [Aust], Debra
—(1997) New Ways to Dream

Cabaret -OST (1972)
Cal -OST (1984)
Camelot -OST (1967)
Camelot [Concert -BBC2](1998)
Camelot [OBC](1960)[1998]
Can-Can (MPS) [1960]
Can-Can (OBC) [1953]
Can-Can -SC [LightMusic] (1961)
Captain Blood -OMPS (1935)
Carefree -OST (1938)
Carmen Jones [OBC](1943)
Carousel (OBC) [1945]
Carousel -OST (1956) [2001]
Carousel -SC [LightMusic] (1961)
Carousel [Broadway Revival](2018)
Casablanca [OMPS](1942)[1997]
Cats -OBC (1982)
Celtic Thunder
—(2008) Act Two
—(2010) Celtic Thunder [Decca]
—(2013) Mythology
Celtic Woman
—(2007) A New Journey
Channing, Carol
—(1941) No for an Answer
—(1949) Gentlemen Prefer Blondes
—(1955) Archy and Mehitabel
—(1993) Jazz Baby
Chaplin, Charlie
—(1921) The Kid [2015]
—(1925) The Gold Rush [2015]
—(1928) The Circus [2015]
—(1931) City Lights [1996]
—(1936) Modern Times [2012]
—(1936) Modern Times [2015]
—(1952) Limelight
—(1986) Oh! That Cello
—(1996) The Film Music of Charlie Chaplin
—(2006) The Essential Film Music Collection
Chariots of Fire -OST (1981)
Chernobyl (Score)[HBO][2019]
Chess -OBC (1988)
Chicago -OC (1975)
Chicago [OBC](1975)
Chitty Chitty Bang Bang -OST (1968)
Chorus Line, A -OBC (1975) [2003]
Cinema Paradiso -OST (1988)
Cirque du Soleil
—(1990) Cirque du Soleil
—(1992) Saltimbanco
Clockwork Orange -OST (1972)
Cold Turkey [OMPS](1971)[2007]
Color Purple, the -OMPS (1985)
Comfort and Joy -OST (1984)
Commitments, the -OST (1991)
Cook, Barbara
—(1975) at Carnegie Hall [1996]
Cool Hand Luke (OST) [1967]
Cotton Club, the -OST (1984)
Country -OST (1984)
Coward, Noel
—(1918-51) The Master [1978]
—(1934) Conversation Piece (1934 OLC & 1951 Studio Cast)
—(1954) I’ll See You Again
—(1955) The Best of Noel Coward at Las Vegas [1980]
—(1972) Noel and Gertie and Bea
—Mad Dogs and Englishmen
Crossroads [OST] (1986)

Daktari (TV)(1967)
Damn Yankees (OST) [1958]
David Byrne’s American Uptopia on Broadway [2019]
Dearest Enemy (SC) [2012]
Desert Song (Bronhill)[SC](1959)
Dirty Deeds -OMPS (2002) [Aust]
Dirty Harry -OST (1971)
Doctor Dolittle [OST](1967)
Dogs in Space -OST (1986) [Aust]
Donald and Melania – The Musical (OLC) [2017]
Donnie Darko [2001]
Down In The Valley (1950)
Dracula (1998) [Glass, Kronos Quartet]
Dracula (2004) [Riesman]
Dracula, Bram Stoker’s (OMPS) [1992]
Dressmaker, the -OST (2015)
Dune [OST](1984)


E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial -OST (1982)
Earth Watch (TV)[Aust]
Easter Parade (1948)
Easter Parade [OMPS](1948)
Easy Rider -OST [Deluxe] (1969)
Empire of the Sun -OST (1987)
Ernest Shackleton Loves Me (OCR)[2018]
Eureka! The Musical (Aust Cast)
Even Cowgirls Get The Blues -OST (1993)
Evie & the Birdman (Aust Cast)[2001]
Evita (concept album) (1976)
Evita (Aust cast) [1981]

Fame -OST (1980)
Fanny [OBC](1954)
Fantasia -MPS (1940)[1990]
Fargo (film)
Fargo (TV series)
Fiddler On The Roof -OST (1971) [2001]
Finian’s Rainbow [OBC](1947)[2000]
First Impressions (OBC)[1959]
Five Guys Named Moe -OLC (1991)
Flahooley [OBC](1951)
Flower Drum Song -OST (1961)
Flower Drum Song [OBC] (1958)(2012)
Flying Down to Rio -OST (1933)
FM -OST (1978)
for Me and My Gal [OST](1942)
Forbidden Broadway [series]
Forbidden Hollywood (LA Cast)[1995]
Fried Green Tomatoes -OST
Funny Girl -OST (1968)

Gandhi -OST (1982)
Garland, Judy
—(1939-61) More Than A Memory [1982]
—(1959) Garland at the Grove [2008]
—(1961) Judy at Carnegie Hall
—(1963) The Hits of Judy Garland
—(1968) Over The Rainbow [starline single]
—(1976) ABC Collection
—(1996) Collectors’ Gems from the M-G-M films
—(2011) The Essential
—(1965) Live At The London Palladium [2010]
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes [Russell-Monroe](1953)
Gigi (OMPS) (1958)[1996]
Godspell (Aust cast) [1992]
Godspell -OC (1971)
Godspell [40th Anniversary]
Godzilla [OST](1954)[2004]
Gone with the Wind [OMPS](1939)
Grable, Betty
—(1947) Mother Wore Tights -OST
—(1947) The Shocking Miss Pilgrim -OST
Graduate, the -OST (1967)
Grease (1978)
Great Gatsby, the -OST (2013)
Greenwillow [OC](1960)
Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench [OMPS](2009)
Guys and Dolls [OBC](1950)
Gypsy (OBC) [1959]

Hadestown (OBC) [2019]
Hair -OBC (1968)
Hair [Aust cast](1992)
Hamilton -OBC (2015)
Hannah and Her Sisters (1986)
Happy Days (Aust Cast) [1999]
Harlow, Jean
—(1965) Harlow (Ham-Riddle) [OST]
—(1965) Harlow (Hefti) [OST]
Harold and Maude -OST (1972)
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (London) [2018]
Harry Potter and the Cursed Child (London) [2018] [Tracked]
Hateful Eight, the -OST (2015)
He Died with a Felafel in His Hand -OST (2001) [Aust]
Heartland (OST TV)[Aust][1994]
Hell or High Water -OMPS [2016]
Hello Dolly! [BC] (2017)
Herrmann, Bernard
—(1969) music from The Great Hitchcock Movie Thrillers
High Society -OST (1956)
History of Australia – The Musical (1988)
Hitchcock, Alfred
—(1958) Music to be Murdered by
—(1999) Signatures In Suspense [192k]
—VA- Music From His Films
—VA- The Music of Terror
Holiday Inn [OMPS](1942)
Hot Rock, the [OMPS](1972)
—(1972) The Hot Rock [OMPS]
How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying -OBC (1963)
Humphries [Aust], Barry
—(1972) A Track Winding Back [EP]


I Can’t Keep Running in Place (OC) [1981]
I Shot Andy Warhol (MPS)[1996]
I’m Not There -MPS
Incognita (Amanda Brown) [2003]
Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom -OST (1984)
Into The Woods (OBC)[1987]
Irma La Douce (1958)

Jagged Edge -OST (1985)
Jane Eyre (OBC)[2001]
Janis – Little Girl Blue -OMPS (2016)
Jazz Singer [MPS] (1980)
Jeeves and Wooster -OST (tv series) (1992)
Jekyll and Hyde (Aust cast) Highlights [1997]
Jekyll and Hyde (Aust cast promo) [1997]
Jesus Christ Superstar (Aust Cast)[1972]
Jesus Christ Superstar -OC (1970)
Joker (OMPS) [2019]
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (LRC) [1991]
Judy (OMPS) [2019]
Judy (Score) [2019]

Kern, Jerome
—(1977) The Music of Jerome Kern
Kill Bill 1 (OST) [2003]
Kill Bill 2 (OST) [2004]
King Kong [1934]
Kinky Boots [OBC](2013)
Kismet [OBC)(1953)[2000]
Kiss Me Kate (BC)[2019]
Kiss Me Kate [Stafford-MacRae]
Kiss Me, Kate -OBC (1949)[1998]
Korngold, Erich Wolfgang
—(1938) The Adventures of Robin Hood
—(1939) The Private lives of Elizabeth and Essex [score]
Kung Fu -OST (1972-75)
Kung Fu -The Legend Continues -OST (1993-97)

L.A. Noire (OST) [2011]
La Boheme [Luhrmann] (BC) [2002]
La Cage aux Folles -OC (1983)
La Dolce Vita (OST)[1960]
La La Land -OMPS (2016)
Lady Sings The Blues [Diana Ross] -OMPS (1972)
Last Cab to Darwin -OST (2015) [Aust]
Last Tango in Paris -OMPS (1972)[2004]
Lawless -OST (2012)
Legends of Broadway [series]
Lenya, Lotte
—(1999) Lotte Lenya sings Kurt Weill -American Theatre Songs
—(2012) Lotte Lenya sings Kurt Weill -Seven Deadly Sins, Happy End
Lerner, Alan Jay
—(1956) Lyrics By Lerner [1998]
—(1987) A Evening with Alan Jay Lerner (Concert cast)
Les Miserables -OLC (1985)
Let’s Get Lost (Soundtrack)[1989]
Letter To Brezhnev (1985)
Li’l Abner [OBC](1956)
Li’l Abner [OST](1959)
Lion King, the (OBC)[1997]
Lion King, the (OMPS)[2019]
Lloyd Webber, Andrew
—Unmasked [The Platinum Collection (Deluxe)]
Local Hero -OST (1983)
Lola Montez -OC (1958) [Aust]
Long Walk Home [Rabbit-Proof Fence](OST)[2002]
Love Me or Leave Me (OST)[1955]
Love Never Dies (Aust cast)[2018]
Luther -OST (2013)
Lynch, David
—Elephant Man [John Morris]
—Inland Empire
—Mulholland Drive
—Twin Peaks
—Wild at Heart


Mack The Knife -OST (1989)
MacLaine, Shirley
—(1976) Live At The Palace
Mad Max (OMPS)[1979]
Magic of the Musicals 2016 (London_2016_05_23)
Mambo Kings, the -OST (1992)
Mame (Angela Lansbury) -OBC (1966)
Mame (Lucille Ball) -OST (1974)
Man of La Mancha [OBC](1965)[2001]
Man On The Moon -OST (1999)
Man on The Moon [John Phillps]
Mars Attacks! -MPS (1996)
Mary Poppins (Aust Cast) [2011]
Mary Poppins -OC (1964)
Mary Poppins Returns [OMPS] (2018)
Mary Poppins [Disney Storyteller] (1964)
Matilda the musical -OBC (2013)
May [Aust], Brian
—(1974) Music Unlimited
—The very best of Brian May & the ABC Melbourne Show Band
—The World of Musicals
McNair, Sylvia
—(1994) Sure Thing, Jerome Kern Songbook
—(1996) Come Rain or Come Shine, Harold Arlen Songbook
Me and Juliet (OBC)[1953]
Meet Me in St Louis [OST](1944)[1994]
Men in Black -Score (1997)
Merry Christmas Mr Lawrence -OST (1983)
Midnight Cowboy -OMPS (1969)
Midnight Express -OMPS
Minnelli, Liza
—(1972) Liza with a Z
—(1973) Liza Live
—(1973) The Singer [expanded]
—(1974) Liza at the Wintergarden
—(1979) Live at Carnegie Hall
Miracle City (Live Aust cast)[2014]
Miranda, Carmen
—(2001) The Ultimate Collection
Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears (OMPS) [2020]
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries [Score]
Mission- Impossible -OST (1967)
Moana [OST deluxe](2016)
Monkey (tv series)
Monroe, Marilyn
—(1993) Golden Hits
Monty Python’s Spamalot (BC)
Most Happy Fella, the [OBC](1956)(1xLP)
Most Happy Fella, the [OBC](1956)(3xLP)
Moulin Rouge (Luhrmann) -MPS (2001)
Munsters (TV), the
Muppet Show, the
—25th anniversary collection (Music, Mayhem & More!)
—Muppet Show Album II
Muriel’s Wedding -MPS [Aust] (1994)
Muriel’s Wedding- The Musical (OCR)
My Brilliant Career (Aust cast) [2020]
My Fair Lady -OBC (1956)[2002]
My Fair Lady -OLC (1959)[1998]
My Fair Lady -OMPS (1964) (Hepburn Restored vocals]
My Fair Lady -OST (1964)
My Fair Lady -OST (1964)[1994]
My Fair Lady -SC [1993]
My Fair Lady [Broadway Revival](2018)

Naked Lunch -MPS (1992)
New Moon -SC [LightMusic] (1961)
Night On Earth -OST (1991)
Nine (Aust Cast) (1987)
Northern Soul -OST (2014)
Nutcracker and the Four Realms [2018]

O Brother, Where Art Thou -MPS (2000)[2011]
Ode to Billy Joe -OST (1976)
Oh! What A Lovely War (MPS)(1969)
Oklahoma! -OBC (1943) [1993]
Oklahoma! -OBC (1943) [2018]
Oklahoma! -OST (1955)
Oliver! -OST (1968)
On The Twentieth Century [OBC](1978)
Once -OST (2007)
Once on This Island [Broadway Revival](2017)
Only Heaven Knows (Aust cast)[1995]

Paige, Elaine
—(1983) Stages
Paint Your Wagon -SC [lightMusic] (1961)
Pal Joey (BC)[1952]
Pal Joey -SC [LightMusic] (1961)
Panama Hattie [CBS-TV] (1954)
Paris Texas -OST (1985)
Partridge Family, the
—(1970) The Partridge Family Album
—(1971) Up To Date
—(1989) Greatest Hits [1970-73]
Peaky Blinders (OST)[TV 1-3]
Pennies from Heaven -OMPS (1981)[2014]
Pennies from Heaven [BBC TV series]
Pennies from Heaven [dialogue, music]
Perkins, Anthony
—(1957) Tony Perkins
—(1957-61) The Prettiest Girl in School
—(1958) On A Rainy Afternoon
Peter Gunn (TV series) -OST (1959)
Peter Pan (Mary Martin) [OBC](1954)
Phantom of the Opera, the -OLC (1987)
Philadelphia -MPS (1993)
Phoenix (OST TV)
Pink Panther, the -OST (1963)
Pink Panther, The Return of the -OST
Pinocchio Soundtrack (score) (1940)[2015]
Pins and Needles [Broadway Revival](1962)
Planet of the Apes -OMPS (2001)
Poldark [deluxe] -score (TV)
Porgy and Bess -SC [LightMusic] (1962)
Priscilla, Queen of the Desert [Sydney Cast](2007)
Prodigal Son (Aust Cast) [2000]
Psycho (1960) [Bernard Herrmann’s Original Film Score]
Psycho (1975) [Bernard Herrmann’s Complete Music][1989]
Psycho (1997) [Joel McNeely]
Pulp Fiction -OMPS (1994)
Pump Up the Volume (complete soundtrack)
Purlie [OBC](1970)


Qatsi Trilogy (1983-2002)
—(1983) Koyaanisqatsi
—(1988) Powaqqatsi
—(2002) Naqoyqatsi
Quo Vadis [1951][Decca]
Quo Vadis [MGM]

Radio Days -OMPS (1987)
Ragtime -MPS (1981) [2002]
RAN (OST TV) (2005)
Reality Bites (OMPS) [1994]
Removalists, the -OST (1974) [Aust]
Rent [OMPS](2005)
Repo Man -OST (1984)
Reservoir Dogs -OMPS (1992)
Riverdance, Music from the Show (1995)
Rock Follies -OST (1976)
Rock Follies of 77
Rocky Horror Show (Aust Cast) [1974]
Rocky Horror Show (Aust Cast) [1992]
Rodgers, Richard
—Rodgers-Hart Musical Comedy Hits
Round Midnight -OMPS [1986]
Rozsa, Miklos
—The Red House [EP]
Rumble Fish -OST (1983)

Saint Louis Woman (OBC) [1946][1992]
Salad Days [OLC] (1954)
Sapphires, the -OST (2012) [Aust]
Sato, Masaru
—(1963-65) Listen Kurosawa (Red Beard – High and Low)
Shaft -OST (1971)
Shane Warne the Musical (Aust cast) [2013]
Shine -OMPS (1996) [Aust]
Show Boat -SC [LightMusic] (1960)
Show Boat [OST](1951)
ShowBoat (Studio Cast) [1988]
Side By Side (Aust Cast)
Sideways -OST (2004)
Singin’ In The Rain -OMPS (1952)[2010]
Singing Detective, the – (BBC TV) (2010)
Six-String Samurai (OST) [1998]
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (from On Your Toes)
Slaughter on Tenth Avenue (OST)[1957]
Slippery When Wet -OST (1959)
Something in the Air (ABC TV)[2001]
Son of Dracula -OMPS (1974)
Sondheim, Stephen
—(2005) Sondheim Sings (Vol. II 1946-60)
Sound of Music, the -OST (1965)
Sound of Music, the -SC [LightMusic] (1962)
Sound of Music, the [Aust Cast](1961)
South Pacific -OMPS (1958)
South Pacific -SC (1986)
Stanton, Harry Dean
—(2014) Partly Fiction
Star Wars – The Last Jedi (OMPS) [2017]
State Fair -MPS (1962)
Streisand, Barbra
—(1985) The Broadway Album
—(1989) A Collection (Greatest hits…and more)
—(2016) Encore Movie Partners Sing Broadway
—(2018) Walls
Strike Up the Band (SC) (1927)[1991]
Stringer [ABC TV] (Ceberano, Matthews)(1988)
Student Prince, the (Lanza)(1960)
Student Prince, the [SC](1952)
Sunset Boulevard (Aust cast promo) [1997]
Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon (tv) (1985) [Aust]
Sweeney Todd (BBC radio)[1994]
Sweeney Todd (OMPS) [2007]
Sweeney Todd [OC] (1979) Lansbury
Sweet Charity [MPS](1969) MacLaine
Sweet Charity [OBC](1966) Verdon

Taboo (TV series)[2017]
Tanna [score](2016)
Tariverdiev, Mikael
—(2015) Film Music
Tati, Jacques
—(1946-67) Les musiques originales et les dialogues [1995]
—(1977) Extraits des Bandes Originales des Films de Jacques Tati
—(2008) Sonorama!
—Mon Oncle
—(2017) Jour de Fe^te; Les Vacances de Monsieur Hulot; Mon Oncle
Taxi Driver (OST)[1976]
Teachers [Ch4 TV series]
Teachers [MPS](1984)
That’s Dancing! -MPS (1985)
The Band’s Visit [OBC](2017)
The Beverly Hillbillies (1965)
The Book of Mormon (OBC) [2011]
The Boy From Oz -Original Aust Cast (1998)
The Brokenwood Mysteries (OMPS TV)
The Brokenwood Mysteries, season 2 (OMPS TV)
The Civil War [OST](1990)
The Country Bears [OST](2002)
The Cradle Will Rock (Revival 2018)
The Cradle Will Rock [LC](1985)
The Day of the Triffids [OST](1962)
The Day the Earth Stood Still -OST (1951)
The Deep -OST (1977) [2010]
The Falcon and The Snowman -OST (1985)
The Fantasticks (Orig Off-BC)[1960]
The Farmer (OST) [1977]
The Good The Bad and The Ugly -OST (1966)[1985]
The Greatest Showman (OMPS)[2018]
The Greatest Showman (OMPS)[2018] [Re-imagined]
The H8ful Eight -OST (2015)
The Harder They Come -MPS (1972)
The Harder They Come -MPS (deluxe) (1972)[2003]
The Hot Spot -OST (1990)
The Jungle Book [OST](2016)
The Last Emperor -OMPS (1987)
The Last Ship (OBC) [2014]
The Lieutenant (OBC) [1975]
The Living Dead, Night of -OST
The Living Dead, the Return of -OST (1985)
The Man Who Knew Too Much -OFS (1956)
The Man with the Golden Arm [OMPS](1956)
The Mission -OST (1986)
The Music Man (OBC)[1957]
The Music Man (OST)[1962]
The Night Manager (TV) [2016]
The Passion of the Christ -OST (2004)
The Pirate (1948)
The Pirate [OMPS] (1948)[2003]
The Prisoner (TV) -OST (1968)
The Prisoner [OST TV] (1967)
The Proposition -OST (2005)
The Revenant -OMPS (2015)
The Sentimental Bloke [SC](1967)
The Shining [OST] (1980)
The Soul of a Man (MPS)[2003]
The Sting -OST (1974)
The Stripper (Aust Cast) [1982]
The Thief of Bagdad + Jungle Book [1940]
The Threepenny Opera -OBC (1954)
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre [1948]
The Tree of Life (Aust Cast) [2018]
the Unsinkable Molly Browm (OBC)[1960]
The Untouchables (TV)
The Wire (TV)
The Wire (TV)- Beyond Hamsterdam
The Wizard of Oz (Aust Cast) [2001]
The Wizard of Oz (OBC) [1903]
The Wizard of Oz [OST deluxe](1939)
They’re Playing Our Song (Aust cast) [1980]
This is Spinal Tap -OST (1984)
This is The Army _Call Me Mister _Winged Victory
Thoroughly Modern Millie (OST complete)(1967)
Tiger Lillies, the
—(1994) Births Marriages and Deaths
—(1996) The Brothel to the Cemetery
—(1998) Shockheaded Peter
—(2001) The Gorey End
—(2018) Corrido de la Sangre
—(2019) Devil’s Fairground
Time -The Album (1986)
Titanic (OST)[box set]
To Kill a Mockingbird (OMPS)[1962][1997]
To Sir, with Love -OST (1967)
Together -OST (1979)
Tommy (movie) -OST (1975)
Trainspotting (MPS) 01 [1997]
Trainspotting (MPS) 02 [1997]
Trainspotting T2 (MPS) [2017]
Tut -OST [TV] (2016)


Ushers – The Front of House Musical (OLC) [2014]

VA- 50 Years of Film
VA- 50 years of Film Music
VA- Broadway Flops & Road-Kills (1989-1993)
VA- Choice Cuts (series)
—(1937-56) Choice Cuts (vol 1)
VA- Classic film Scores [series]
—(1972 LSCO3330) The Sea Hawk (Erich Wolfgang Korngold)
—(1973 ARL1-0136) Now, Voyager (Max Steiner)
—(1973 ARL1-0183) classic film scores for Bette Davis [2011]
—(1973 ARL1-0184) Captain from Castile (Alfred Newman) [2010]
—(1973 ARL1-0185) Elizabeth and Essex (Erich Wolfgang Korngold) [2011]
—(1974 ARL1-0452) Gone with the Wind (Max Steiner) [2010]
—(1974 ARL1-0707) Citizen Kane (Bernard Herrmann) [2011]
—(1974 ARL1ð0422) Casablanca (classic film scores for Humphrey Bogart) [2010]
—(1974 ARL1ð0708) Sunset Boulevard (Franz Waxman) [1985]
—(1975 ARL1ð0911) Spellbound (Miklos Rozsa) [1989]
—(1975 ARL1ð0912) Captain Blood (classic film scores for Errol Flynn) [2010]
—(1976 ARL1-1490) Laura (David Raksin) [2011]
—(1976 ARL1-1669) Lost Horizon (Dimitri Tiomkin) [2010]
—(1976 ARL1ð2792) Spectacular World of Classic Film Scores [RL 42005]
—(1978 ARL1ð2698) Star Wars + Close Encounters (John Williams)
—(1980 SDG 313) The Empires Strikes Back (John Williams)
—(1983 RCD 14748) The Return of the Jedi (John Williams)
—(1999 T&V 0001) Celebrating the Classics
—VA- classic film scores [TRC comp]
VA- Colditz & Other Great War Themes
VA- Come Spy with Us (2014)
VA- Crime Jazz (1997)
VA- Crime Jazz (Music in the First Degree)
VA- Crime Jazz [series] (vol 01-17)
VA- Cut! (series) [vol 01-03]
VA- Easy Listening Soundtrack
VA- Hollywood’s Best (The 30’s)
VA- Hooray For Hollywood (1972)
VA- Horror Film Themes
VA- Jazz Loves Disney (2016)
VA- Jazz Loves Disney 2 (2017)
VA- Jazz Noir
VA- Lullaby of Broadway (The Best of Busby Berkeley At Warner Bros)
VA- Music From Great Australian Films
VA- Once In A Blue Moon (1994) [Aust]
VA- Originals – Musical Comedy 1909-1935
VA- RocKwiz Duets [SBS TV]
VA- Soundtrack Gamut
VA- Spaghetti
—01 Duck You Suckers
—02 Revenge!
—03 See ya in Hell
VA- Spaghetti Western Themes
VA- Stars Over Broadway
VA- Stay Awake [Hal Willner]
VA- Television’s Greatest Hits
VA- That’s Entertainment -MPS [MGM](1974)
VA- That’s Entertainment! -MPS [Rhino](2006)
VA- That’s Entertainment! [1995]
VA- The Golden Age of the Hollywood Stars
VA- The Only Broadway CD You’ll Ever Need (1998)
VA- The Only Other Broadway Collection You’ll Ever Need (1999)
VA- Thriller Jazz
VA- Tube Tunes
VA- Walt Disney
VA- Walt Disney Records [Legacy Collection]
—01 The Lion King
—02 Mary Poppins
—03 Sleeping Beauty
—04 The Little Mermaid
—05 Fantasia
—06 Pinocchio
—07 Lady and the Tramp
—08 Disneyland
—09 Cinderella
—10 Toy Story
—11 Pocahontas
—12 The Aristocats
—Robin Hood
VA- Willner Projects [Showtunes], Hal
—(1990) Stay Awake
—(1993) Short Cuts

Warner Bros. Orchestra, the
—(1936-58) The Carl Stalling Project
—(1998) Bugs Bunny On Broadway
Weill, Kurt
—(1936) Music for Johnny Johnson [1996]
—(1947) Street Scene (OBC)
—(1950) Down In The Valley
—(1958) Rise And Fall of the City of Mahagonny
—(1960) The Songs of Kurt Weill
—(1963) Lady In The Dark -SC
—(1973) Berlin to Broadway with Kurt Weill [OC]
—(1985) Lost In The Stars
—(1994) VA- American Songbook Series (Smithsonian)
—(1997) September Songs
—(2000) from Berlin to Broadway [A Selection]
West Side Story [OBC](1957)[1998]
West Side Story [OST[(1961)[2004]
West Side Story [SC](1985)[Leonard Berstein conducts]
West Side Story [Stan Kenton’s](1961)
Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf [OBC] (1962)
Wicked -OBC (2003)
Williams, John
—(2017) John Williams, Steven Spielberg – The Ultimate Collection
Withnail and I [Aust] -MPS (1986)
Withnail and I [US] -MPS (1986)
Woman of the Year [OBC](1981)
Wonderful Town [OBC] (1954)

Xanadu [OMPS](1980)

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown (Orig Off-BC)[1967]
Young Einstein -MPS (1988) [Aust]
Young Frankenstein (Mel Brooks musical) [OBC](2007)

Ziegfeld Follies
—(1916-25) Stars of the Ziegfeld Follies (vol. 1) [OCR]
—(1919) The Ziegfeld Follies Of 1919 [OCR]
—(1934) Ziegfeld Follies of 1934 (1935 OBC)

Ziegfried Follies
Zigzag (score) [1970]