Spoken-word, misc

Since March 13th, 2012, I’ve been archiving The Record Collection. Here is a listing of the Spoken Word, misc. albums that I’ve archived so far…

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Big Town
—(1942) Adventure in Paris
Box 13
—Box 13 #15 A Double Right Cross (1948-11-28)
—Box 13 #26 Delinquent’s Dilemma (1949-02-13)
For Whom The Bell Tolls
—45-02-12 For Whom the Bell Tolls
Treasure of Sierra Madre
—49-04-18 Treasure of Sierra Madre


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland [1957]
Captain Beaky
—(1977) Captain Beaky and His Band
Peter and The Wolf
—(1966) Jimmy Smith, Oliver Nelson
—(1975) Viv Stanshall, Various Artists
Star Wars, The Story of -OMPS
—01 The Story of Star Wars [1977]
—02 The Story of The Empire Strikes Back [1980]
—03 The Story of Return of the Jedi [1983]
Tell It Agian (Andrews-Green-Moondog)
—(1957) Tell It Again [2009 Moondog]
VA- The Story that the Crow Told Me


Allen, Woody
—(1964) Woody Allen
—(1965) Woody Allen volume 2
—(1968) The Third Woody Allen Album

Beyond The Fringe (1961)[1976]
—(1961) Beyond The Fringe [1976]
Beyond The Fringe [1964 video]
Bruce, Lenny
—(1958-1959) Interviews of Our Times _ The Sick Humor of Lenny Bruce
—(1960-1961) Togetherness _ American
—(1961) The Carnegie Hall Concert
—(2004) Let The Buyer Beware

Cheech and Chong
—(1972) Big Bambu
—(1974) The Wedding Album
—(1978) Up in Smoke (OST)
Cook, Peter
—(1979) Here Comes the Judge – Live in Concert
—(1971) Behind the ‘fridge tour (ABC RN)
—(1971) Behind the ‘fridge [Aust]
—Derek and Clive
—— +—(1978) Ad Nauseam
—— \—Derek and Clive extra!
Cosby, Bill
—(1976) Bill Cosby Is Not Himself These Days (Rat Own, Rat Own, Rat Own)

Freberg, Stan
—(1990) Capitol Collector’s Series

Get Smart (Don Adams)[1965]
—(1965) Get Smart (Don Adams)
Goodies, the
Goons, the
—01 Goon Show [S01 1951]
—02 Goon Show [S02 1952]
—03 Goon Show [S03 1952-53]
—04 Goon Show [S04 1953-54]
—05 Goon Show [S05 1954-55]
—06 Goon Show [S06 1955-56]
—07 Goon Show [S07 1956-57]
—08 Goon Show [S08 1957-58]
—09a Goon Show [Vintage Goons 1957-58]
—09b Goon Show [S09 1958-59]
—10 Goon Show [S10 1959]
—11 Special Goon Shows
—Bridge on The River Wye [1962]
—The World Of The Goons [music]
Gunston, Norman
—(1977) I Might Be A Punk (But I Love You Baby)
—(1980) Kiss Army [7-inch]
—(1984) Join The Dots
—(1992) Amigos Para Siempre [single]

Hancock’s Half Hour
—03 HHH [S03 -1955-56]
—04 HHH [S04 -1956-57]
—05 HHH [S05 -1958]
—06 HHH [S06 -1959]
Harrison, Wes
—(1963) You Won’t Believe Your Ears
Hee Bee Gee Bees
—(1980) Meaningless Song [single]
—(1981) 439 Golden Greats
—(1984) 20 Big No. 2’s
Hill, Benny
—(1992) The Best of
—(1998) The Ultimate Collection
Hinge and Bracket
—(1983) Dear Ladies
Humphries, Barry
—(1958) Wild Life in Suburbia
—(1958) Wild Life In Suburbia 2 [EP]
—(1958) Wild Life in Suburbia vol 2
—(1972) A Track Winding Back
—(1978) The Sounds of Edna (Dame Edna Everage)

I’m Sorry I’ll Read That Again
—ISIRTA vol 1
—ISIRTA vol 2
—ISIRTA vol 3
—ISIRTA vol 4
Inman, John
—(1975) Are You Being Served Sir

Julian and Sandy
—01 J&S [S01 -1965]
—02 J&S [S02 -1966]
—03 J&S [S03 -1967]
—04 J&S [S04 -1968]
—misc B.B.C. double-cassette 2 CD ZBBC 1415

Marx Brothers, the
—the Original voice tracks from their greatest movies
—[Radio] 3 hours, 59 minutes, 51 seconds with the Marx Bros (1937-50)
—(1962) Bridge on the River Wye
Monty Python
—(1970) Monty Python’s Flying Circus
—(1971) Another Monty Python Record
—(1972) Monty Python’s Previous Record
—(1973) Matching Tie And Handkerchief
—(1974) Live At Drury Lane
—(1975) Monty Python and the Holy Grail
—(1976) Live! at City Center
—(1977) Instant Record Collection
—(1979) Life Of Brian
—(1980) Contractual Obligation Album
—(1981) Hastily Cobbled Together For A Fast Buck
—(1982) Live At The Hollywood Bowl
—(1983) The Meaning Of Life
—(1989) Monty Python Sings
—Bonus Bits
Monty Python’s Flying Circus
—(1970) The Worst of Monty Python’s Flying Circus
—(1973) Matching Tie and Handkerchief
—(1989) Monty Python Sings

Newhart, Bob
—(1960) Best of the Button-Down Mind [1984]

Round the Horne
—01 RtH [S01 -1965]
—02 RtH [S02 -1966]
—03 RtH [S03 -1967]
—Round the Horne (a Titles & Air Dates Guide)_files

Sellers, Peter
—(1959) Songs for Swingin’ Sellers
—(1981) Sellers sings The Beatles
—(1961) Peter and Sophia
—(1974) He’s Innocent of Watergate… or Dick’s Last Stand

The Navy Lark
—01 Navy Lark [S01 -1959]
—02 Navy Lark [S02 -1959-60]
—03 Navy Lark [S03 -1960]
—06 Navy Lark [S06 -1963]
—07 Navy Lark [S06 -1963-64]
Three Stooges, the
—(1959) The Nonsense Songbook

VA- Best of Lesbian Comedy
—(1997) The Best of Lesbian Comedy (Vol.1)
VA- Kings of Komedy


Big Story
—(1947) Unfinished Love Song
—(291) Big Set (1955-03-15)
—(292) Big Talk (1955-03-22)
Fat Man, the
—(1948-Jan-02) Murder Plays Hide and Seek
—(1951-Sep-05) Order for Murder
—46-04-29 Gaslight
I Love a Mystery
—The Temple of Vampires
Whistler, The
—(040) Legacy of Death (1943-Feb-14)
—(299) Quiet Suicide (1948-Feb-18)


10 years of Offshore Radio [UK]
The Fire This Time


A Tale of Two Cities
Canterville Ghost, the
One Man’s Family
—Book 64- Chapter 13
—Book 64- Chapter 14
Sunset Boulevard
War of the Worlds, the
—1938-10-30 The War of the Worlds


—(1948-01-17) Leinengen vs The Ants
—(1943-May-25) Sorry, Wrong Number


Australian Soundscape [series]
—(1994) White Water Rafting
Bird Calls
—A Treasury of New Zealand Bird Song
—Bird Song [series]
——01 Bird Songs of Amanzi
——02 Bird Songs of the Forest
—Bird Songs in Your Garden [USA]
—Sounds of New Zealand Birds
Everything’s Coming up Profits [Industrial Musicals)
—1950s – The Golden Age of Industrial Musicals
—1960s – The Golden Age of Industrial Musicals
—1970s – The Golden Age of Industrial Musicals
Gentle Persuasion (The Sounds of Nature) [series]
—(1989) Sounds of the Tropical Rain Forest
Houdini Seance, the final


Bruton Music BRA
—BRA 01 – Various – Fanfares, Links, Bridges, Stings
—BRA 03 – Various – Fanfares, Links, Bridges, Stings Vol.3
—Bruton Music BRB
—(1960s) The Sound of Steam
VA- The Golden Record (Voyager – Interstellar Mission)


Anderson, Leona
—(1957) Music to Suffer by
Carlos, Wendy (Walter) [Moog]
—Switched-on [box]
Country Moog [Gil Trythall]
—(1973) Country Moog + Nashville Gold [2007]
—(2007) Dylan Hears A Who
Great American Main Street Band
—(1993) Under The Big Top (100 Years Of Circus Music)
Lehrer, Tom
—The Remains of Tom Lehrer
Lewis, Jerry
—Very Best of
Marx, Harpo
—(1957) Harpo in Hi-Fi
—(1958) Harpo at Work
VA- Bestest Novelty Songs
VA- Hallowe’en Nuggets
VA- Hallowe’en Yesterday [Aging Child]
VA- Hallowe’en [the insurgent]
VA- Melbourne Cup Songs
VA- My Pussy Belongs to Daddy (1957)
VA- Reefer Songs (1927-47)
VA- Slavery in America (Redemption Songs 1914-1972)
VA- Viper Mad Blues (25 Songs of Dope and Depravity)
West, Mae
—(1933-50) Sixteen Sultry Songs sung by Mae West [1987]


AFR (American Forces Radio)
—FEN Swingin’ Years 1985-04
—FEN Swingin’ Years 1985-05
—FEN Swingin’ Years 1985-06
—FEN Swingin’ Years 1985-07
—FEN Swingin’ Years 1985-08
BBC Radio Documentaries [1]
—BBC – Boy From The North Country – Bob Dylan in Minnesota
—BBC – Buddy Holly – Crying,Waiting,Hoping
—BBC – Hellhounds on His Trail – The Robert Johnson Story
—BBC – Hey! Bo Diddley
—BBC – Nashville Cats – The Making of Blonde on Blonde
—BBC – Race With The Devil – The Gene Vincent Story
—BBC – Scotty Moore
—BBC – Sun Records Story
—BBC – The Chess Records Story
—BBC – The Chuck Berry Story
—BBC – The Howlin Wolf Story
—BBC – The Jackie Wilson Story
—BBC – The Real Buddy Holly
—BBC – The Record Producers
—BBC – The Stiff Records Story
—BBC – The Story of The Jackson 5
—BBC – The Vinyl Hoover – Record Collectors
BBC Radio Documentaries [2]
—BBC – A Punk Tale of Two Cities
—BBC – Anarchy In The UK (2012)
—BBC – England’s Still Dreaming – 30 Years of Punk
—BBC – Five Years Of Madness
—BBC – How Does It Feel – The New Order Story
—BBC – In Search of Sid
—BBC – Joe Strummer’s London Calling
—BBC – One Step Beyond Madness
—BBC – The 2-Tone Story
—BBC – The Jam – Made In England
—BBC – Tom Robinson – Never Mind the Horlicks Punk at Middle Age
—BBC – Total Madness
—BBC – When Rockabilly Ruled OK
Benny, Jack
—01 Jack Benny 1933
—02 Jack Benny 1936
—03 Jack Benny 1940
—04 Jack Benny 1944
Can You Top This
—(1947-Dec-05) Indignation
—(1954-May-14) Gossip Jokes
Dad’s Army It Sticks Out Half a Mile
Dad’s Army [series 1]
Dad’s Army [series 2]
Dad’s Army [series 3]
David Bowie – Pinups Radio Show (1973)
Lady In The Dark
Lucky Strike Hour (1932, June 14)
Meet Me In St Louis
Meet Me In St Louis (rehearsal)
Miles Davis Radio Project
Piano Jazz (Marian McPartland)
Radio London [Big L]
—(1966) Kenny Everett (29-07-66)
Scratchy Grooves [Chambless]
The Big Broadcast [Conaty]
the History of Rock’n’Roll [KHJ -1989]
Theme Time Radio Hour [season 1]
Theme Time Radio Hour [season 2]
Theme Time Radio Hour [season 3]
Themes Like Old Times
Under Milk Wood
-Warner Bros Music Show
—(000) Randy Newman – Recorded Live at the Academy of Music, Philadelphia, PA (23-Sept-1977)
—(101) Steve Martin – The Steve Martin Radio Show (1979)
—(103) Nicolette Larson – Live at the Roxy (1979)
—(104) Talking Heads – Live on Tour (1979)
—(105) Guy Clark – On The Road (1979)
—(106) Pat Metheny Group – Live on Tour (1979)
—(107) Neil Young – A Conversation with Neil Young (1979)
—(108) Climax Blues Band – Live from Miami (1979)
—(109) Dire Straits – Live (1979)
—(110) Monty Python – Monty Python examines The Life of Brian (1979)
—(111) Robert Palmer – Band in Boston (1979)
—(115) Devo – Live (1980)
—(134) Laurie Anderson – Home of the Brave (1986)


Flash Gordon
—01 The decoys of Ming the Merciless
—02 Flash Gordon and The Mole Machine
—1935 Eps 01-26


Attila the Stockbroker
—(1983) Ranting at the Nation
—(2008) Spirit of the Age
Burns, Robert
—(1771-1796) Completely Burns [2009-10]
Burroughs, William S
—(1986) The Doctor is on the Market
—(1990) Dead City Radio
—(1993) Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales
—(1993) Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales (The Operator’s Manual)
Clarke, John Cooper
—(1980) Snap, Crackle [&] Bop
—(1981) Me and My Big Mouth
—(1982) Zip Style Method
Clay, Cassius
—(1963) I am the Greatest!
Closed on Account of Rabies (Poems and Tales Of Edgar Allan Poe)
Edgar Allan Poe Audio Collection
Fields, WC
—His only recordings [1960]
—[Radio] Magnificent Rogue
—[Radio] Poppy
—[Radio] Poppy (lux radio theater)
—[Radio] The Further Adventures of Larson E. Whipsnade
—[Radio] The Great Radio Feuds
—…his only recording, plus 8 songs by Mae West
Ginsberg, Allen
—(1959) Howl and Other Poems
—(1971) First Blues
—(1989) The Lion for Real
Goldberg, Whoopi
—(1985) Original Broadway Show Recording
Hubbard, L Ron
—(1982) Space Jazz
Hunt, Sam
—(2015) The 9th
I Have A Dream
Kerouac, Jack
—(1959a) Poetry for The Beat Generation
—(1959b) Blues and Haikus
—(1960) Readings by Jack Kerouac on the Beat Generation
Last Poets, the
—(1970) Right On!
—(1970) The Last Poets
—(1971) This is Madness
—(1972) Chastisment
—(1977) Delights of the Garden
—(1993) Holy Terror
—(1995) Black and Strong (homesick)
McKuen, Rod
—(1959) Beatsville
Nordine, Ken
—(1957) Word Jazz
—(1959) Next!
—(1966) Colors
—(1990) The Best of Word Jazz (vol 1)
—(1991) Devout Catalyst
Poe, Edgar Allen
—(1997) Closed on Account of Rabies
Rollins, Henry
—(1992) Live at McCabe’s
The Prophet – Kahlil Gibran (feat. Richard Harris)
—(1974) The Prophet – Kahlil Gibran
VA- Great Speeches
VA- Poets of the Great War
VA- The Beat Generation [Rhino]
Warren Ellis (vln)
Willner Projects [spoken-word], Hal
—(2012) VA- The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved


Blithe Spirit
Hayes, Helen
Theatre Royal
—(1953-10-04) Queen of Spades
—(1953-10-25) The Happy Hypocrite
—(1954-01-23) Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime
—(1954-02-20) The Inspector General
—(1954-04-25) The Colonel’s Lady
—(1954-05-02) The Black Mate
—(1954-05-23) The Aspern Papers
—(1954-06-16) The Man Who Could Work Miracles
—(1954-07-14) A Sentimental Journey
—(1954-07-21) Becky Sharp