Spoken Word, misc. index

Since March 13th, 2012, I’ve been archiving The Record Collection. Here is a listing of the Spoken Word, misc. albums that I’ve archived so far…

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Big Town: [#192 Adventure in Paris (1942/May)] |
Box 13: [#15 (Double Right-Cross)]/[26 (Delinquent’s Dillema)]  |
For Whom The Bell Tolls (1945-Feb-12) |
Treasure of Sierra Madre |


Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland [1957:Cyril Ritchard]  |
Captain Beaky and His Band  |
Peter and The Wolf: (1966- Jimmy Smith, Oliver Nelson) – (1975- Viv Stanshall)  |
Star Wars: the story of Star Wars – the story of The Empire Strikes Back – the story of Return of the Jedi  |
Tell It Again (Andrews-Green-Moondog) |
The Story that the Crow Told Me |


Woody Allen: Woody Allen – Woody Allen volume 2 – The Third Woody Allen Album  |
Aunty Jack: Aunty Jack sings Wollongong  |
Beyond The Fringe: [1961]/[1964 video]  |
Lenny Bruce: Let The Buyer Beware – Originals [vol 1 (Interviews of Our Times/The Sick Humor of)] / [vol 2 (Togetherness/American)] – The Carnegie Hall Concert [2xCD] – The Midnight Concert [LP]  |
Cheech & Chong: Big Bambu  |
John Clarke: Fred Dagg’s Greatest Hits – Swim Between The Flags  |
Peter Cook: Here Comes the Judge  |
Peter Cook, Dudley Moore: Behind the ‘fridge [Aust] – “Behind the ‘fridge” tour radio interview (ABC RN]  |
Peter Cook, Dudley Moore (Derek & Clive): Ad Nauseam – extra!  |
Bill Cosby: Bill Cosby Is Not Himself These Days (Rat Own, Rat Own, Rat Own) |
the D-Generation: Thanks for being You!!xxxxx  |
Geraldine Doyle: Stand On Your Man  |
The Goons: The Best of the Goon Shows (vol 2)[Tale of Men’s Shirts / The Scarlet Capsule]  – The World of the Goons [music/1990] |
Wes Harrison: You Won’t Believe Your Ears  |
the HeeBeeGeeBees: All the Hits and More [CD] – 439 Golden Greats [LP] – 20 Big No. 2’s [LP] – Meaningless song [single]  |
Benny Hill: the Best of – The Ultimate Collection  |
Hinge and Bracket: Dear Ladies  |
Barry Humphries [Aust]: the Sound of Enda |
the Marx Brothers: 3 hours, 59 minutes, 51 seconds with the Marx Bros |
Milligan, Sellers, Miller, Cook: Bridge on the River Wye  |
Monty Python: Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Another Monty Python Record – Monty Python’s Previous Record – Matching Tie And Handkerchief – Live At Drury Lane – Monty Python and the Holy Grail – Live! at City Center – Instant Record Collection – Life Of Brian – Contractual Obligation Album – Hastily Cobbled Together For A Fast Buck – Live At The Hollywood Bowl – The Meaning Of Life – Monty Python Sings – Bonus Bits |
Bob Newhart: Best of the Button-Down Mind |
Peter Sellers: Sellers sings the Beatles – Songs for Swingin’ Sellers |
Peter Sellers, Sophia Loren: Peter and Sophia |
Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan: He’s Innocent of Watergate |
Various Artists: Kings of Komedy |


Big Story: [#35 Unfinished Love Song (1947/Dec)] |
Dragnet: [#291 Big Set]/[292 Big Talk] |
the Fat Man: (1948-Jan-02) Murder Plays Hide and Seek – (1951-Sep-05) Order for Murder |
Gaslight (1946-Apr-29) |  I Love a Mystery: The Temple of Vampires  |
The Whistler: [#040 Legacy of Death (1943-Feb-14)]/[#299 Quiet Suicide (1948-Feb-18)] |


10 years of Offshore Radio [UK]  |
The Fire This Time |


A Streetcar Named Desire [WOR radio b’cast (1948)] |
A Tale of Two Cities [adapted by Launce Maraschal] |
The Canterville Ghost (1945-Jun-18) |
One Man’s Family: Book 64 [Chapter 13]/[Chapter 14] |
Sunset Boulevard (1951-Sep-17) |
The War of the World [1938-Oct-30] |


Escape: [1948-01-17 (Leinengen vs. The Ants)] |
Suspense: [1943-May-25 (Sorry, Wrong Number)] |


Gentle Persuasion (The Sounds of Nature): Sounds of the Tropical Rain Forest |
The Golden Record (Voyager: interstellar mission)  |
the final Houdini Seance  |


Leona Anderson: Music to Suffer by  |
Dylan Hears A Who! (Seuss via Zimmerman)  |
Lady In The Dark  |
Tom Lehrer: The Remains of Tom Lehrer  |
Harpo Marx: Harpo in Hi-Fi – Harpo at Work  |
Meet Me In St Louis (1946-Dec-02) |
Meet Me In St Louis (rehearsal) (1946-Dec-01) |
Jerry Lewis: Very Best of |
Moondog: Moondog – Moondog and his Honking Geese – More Moondog – On the Streets of New York – Sax Pax For A Sax – Viking of Sixth Avenue  |
My Pussy Belongs to Daddy
Reefer Songs (1927-47)  |
Slavery in America (Redemption Songs 1914-1972) |
Viper Mad Blues (25 Songs of Dope and Depravity) |
Mae West: Sixteen Sultry Songs sung by Mae West  |


BBC Radio Documentaries 1:
Boy From The North Country (Bob Dylan in Minnesota) – Buddy Holly (Crying, Waiting, Hoping)- Hellhounds on His Trail (The Robert Johnson Story) – Hey! Bo Diddley – Nashville Cats (The Making of Blonde on Blonde) – Race With The Devil (The Gene Vincent Story) – Scotty Moore – Sun Records Story – The Chess Records Story – The Chuck Berry Story – The Howlin’ Wolf Story – The Jackie Wilson Story – The Real Buddy Holly – The Record Producers – The Stiff Records Story – The Story of The Jackson 5 – The Vinyl Hoover (Record Collectors) |
BBC Radio Documentaries 2:
A Punk Tale of Two Cities – Anarchy In The UK (2012) – England’s Still Dreaming (30 Years of Punk) – Five Years Of Madness – How Does It Feel (The New Order Story) – In Search of Sid – Joe Strummer’s London Calling – One Step Beyond Madness – The 2-Tone Story – The Jam – Made In England – Tom Robinson (Never Mind the Horlicks Punk at Middle Age) – Total Madness – When Rockabilly Ruled OK |

Jack Benny: Original Radio Broadcasts [vol 1 (1933)]/[vol 2 (1936)]/[vol 3 (1940)]/[vol 4 (1944)]  |
The Big Broadcast [Aust]  |
David Bowie: ‘Pinups’ Promo Radio Show  |
Can You Top This?: [1947-Dec-05 (Indignation)] – [1954-May-14 (Gossip Jokes)] |
It Pays To Be Ignorant: [1948-Feb-05 (Why Do Wedding Bells Ring?)] |
the Marx Brothers: Three Hours… Fifty-Nine Minutes… Fifty-One Seconds… with the Marx Bros  |
Slightly Out To Lunch [Aust]  |
Themes Like Old Times (90 of the Most Famous Original Radio Themes) [vol 1]/[vol 2]  |
Warner Bros Music Show: Randy Newman [Recorded Live at the Academy of Music, Philadelphia, PA (23-Sept-1977)]  –  [101 Steve Martin]/[103 Nicolette Larson]/[104 Talking Heads]/[105 Guy Clark]/[106 Pat Metheny Group]/[107 Neil Young]/[108 Climax Blues Band]/[109 Dire Straits]/[110 Monty Python]/[111 Robert Palmer]/[115 Devo]/[134 Laurie Anderson] |


Flash Gordon: The Decoys of Ming the Merciless – Flash Gordon and the Mole Machine  |


Robert Burns Competely Burns [BBC podcast] |
William S. Burroughs: Dead City Radio – Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales – Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales (The Operator’s Manual)  |
John Cooper Clarke: Me and My Big Mouth – Snap, Crackle [&] Bop – Zip Style Method  |
Cassius Clay: I Am The Greatest! |
James Cook’s First Voyage Around the World, H.M. Bark Endeavour 1768-1771 |
W.C. Fields: his only recording (plus 8 songs by Mae West) – Magnificent Rogue – Poppy (Lux Radio Theater) – WC Fields Festival: [Poppy]/[The Further Adventure of Larson E. Whipsnade]/[The Great Radio Feuds]  |
Les Gilbert: Kakadu Billabong  |
Dame Mary Gilmore [Aust]: The Hunter of the Black (Poems and Recollections) |
Allen Ginsberg: First Blues [music] – Howl and Other Poems – The Lion For Real  |
Whoopi Goldberg: Original Broadway Show Recording  |
L.Ron Hubbard: Space Jazz (Battlefield Earth)  |

Jack Kerouac: Blues and Haikus – Poetry for The Beat Generation – Readings by Jack Kerouac on The Beat Generation  |
Don Kneebone [Aust]: Where The Mountain Waters Flow  |
The Last Poets: Black and Strong (homesick)[alt versions & vocals samples] – Chastisment – Delights of the Garden – Holy Terror – The Last Poets – This is Madness  |
Rod McKuen: Beatsville  |
D’arcy Niland: Short Stories Collection  |
Ken Nordine: Colors – Devout Catalyst – Next! – The Best of Word Jazz, vol 1 – Word Jazz  |
Edgar Allen Poe: Closed on Account of Rabies |
The Prophet – Kahlil Gibran (feat. Richard Harris)  |

Various Artists:
Great Speeches  |
I Have A Dream [August 28, 1963]  |
The Beat Generation [Rhino] |
Hal Willner Projects [Spoken-word]: / Closed on Account of Rabies: Poems and Tales of Edgar Allan Poe / WSB: Dead City Radio – Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales – Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales (The Operator’s Manual) / AG: The Lion For Real / HST: The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved  |

Hal Willner Projects: / Amarcord Nino Rota / That’s The Way I Fell Now: A Tribute To Thelonious Monk / Lost In The Stars: The Music of Kurt Weill / Allen Ginsberg: The Lion For Real / William S. Burroughs: Dead City Radio / Stay Awake: Various Interpretations Of Music From Vintage Disney Films / Weird Nightmare: Meditations On Mingus / Short Cuts: Music From and Inspired by the film Short Cuts / William S. Burroughs: Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales / Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales (The Operator’s Manual) / September Songs: The Music of Kurt Weill / Closed On Account Of Rabies: Poems and Tales of Edgar Allan Poe / Hal Willner: Whoops, I’m An Indian / Stormy Weather: The Music of Harold Arlen / Rogue’s Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs, & Chanteys / The Harry Smith Project: Anthology Of American Folk Music Revisited / Son of Rogues Gallery: Pirate Ballads, Sea Songs & Chanteys / Hunter S. Thompson: The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved |


Blithe Spirit |
Helen Hayes: [Lady with the Lamp (1941-Apr-27)]/[Lady of Letters (1941-May 25)] |
Theatre Royal: Queen of Spades – The Happy Hypocrite – Lord Arthur Saville’s Crime – The Inspector General – The Colonel’s Lady – The Black Mate – The Aspern Papers – The Man Who Could Work Miracles – A Sentimental Journey – Becky Sharp |