World, Faith

Since March 13th, 2012, I’ve been archiving The Record Collection. Here is a listing of the World, Faith albums that I’ve archived so far…



Abyssinian Baptist Gospel Choir, the
—Shakin’ the Rafters
Albury Wesley Church [Aust]
—Organ Music from Albury Wesley Church

Byzantine Hymns [Kassia – VocaMe]
—(2009) Kassia
Byzantine Secular Classical Music [C.Halaris]

Choir of King’s College
—(2018) 100 years Nine Lessons and Carols

Gregorian Chant at Christmas
—(1959) Christmas at Beuron Abbey [2011]
Gregorian Chant for Christmas
—(2017) Gregorian Chant for Christmas
Gregorian Choir of Paris
—Tranquility -Holy Week Litugry

Jackson, Mahalia
—(1970) What The World Needs Now
—(1976) How I Got Over
—Gospels, Spirituals & Hymns
Jones, Aled
—(1985) All Through the Night.txt

Monks’ Choir of the Benedictine Abbey of St. Martin, Beuron
—(1959) Gregorian Chants – Third Christmas Mass
Mormon Tabernacle Choir, the
—(2016) The Ultimate Christmas Collection

Singing Dust (Robert Welsh) [Aust]
—(1986) Singing Dust
Staple Singers, the
—(1971) Be Altitude Respect Yourself
—(1991) Freedom Highway [Legacy]
Staples, ‘Pops’
—Peace to the Neighborhood
Sweet Honey in the Rock
—Feel Something Drawing Me On
—The Other Side

Tharpe, Sister Rosetta
—(1938-48) The Gospel of the Blues
—(2005) The Original Soul Sister [Box set – Proper]

VA- A Noteworthy Christmas
VA- Chanukah in Sept 2018
VA- Christmas in July 2018
VA- Christmas in Russia
VA- Christmas [1896-1939]
VA- Christmas [D.Federman MixTapes]
VA- Preachin’ the Gospel- Holy Blues
VA- Songs of Christmas (Alan Lomax Collection]
VA- The Best of Sugar Hill Gospel
—vol 1- Every Time I feel the Spirit
—vol 2- Way Down Deep In My Soul
VA- The Tradition of Gregorian Chant [2007]
VA- Time Life Treasury of Christmas [I + II]
VA- Voodoo (Rough Guide)



Algeria (Rai)- VA- Rough Guide

Benin- Kidjo, Angelique
—(1998) Oremi [@192]

Ethiopia- VA- Rough Guide

Guinea- Bembeya Jazz
—(1969-77) The Syliphone Years [2007]
—(1974) Hommage a Demba Camara [2000]
—(2002) Bembeya

Kenya- Nzenze, John
—Mr.Twist [comp]

Mali- Toure, Ali ‘Farka’
—(1988) Green (African Blues)
—(1990) The River
Mali- VA- Rough Guide
Mali-USA- Koite-Bibb
—(2012) Brothers in Bamako

Nigeria, Ghana- VA- Rough Guide
Nigeria- Ade, King Sunny
—(1969-74) The Best of the Classic Years [2003]
—(1980) Eje Nlogba
—(1982) Juju Music
—(1983) Synchro Sysytem
—(1984) Aura
Nigeria- Kuti, Fela
—(1973) Gentleman
—(1975) Confusion
—(1977) Zombie
—(1978) Shuffering and Shmiling
—(1986) Live in Detroit 1986 [2012]
—(1986) Teacher Don’t Teach Me Nonsense [2010]

Sahara- VA- Rough Guide
Senegal, Gambia- VA- Rough Guide
South Africa- Ladysmith Black Mambazo
—Shaka Zulu
South Africa- Mahotella Queens
—(2003) The Township Idols (the best of…)
South Africa- Makeba, Miriam
South Africa- Memela, Almon
—(1975) Funky Africa
—(1976) Broken Shoes
Sudan- Mubarak, Abdel Aziz el
—(1989) Straight from the Heart
Sudan- VA- Rough Guide
Sufi- VA- Rough Guide

VA- Africa- Drum, Chant and Instrumental Music
VA- Cafe Africa
VA- Cafe South Africa
VA- Emociones, 25 years Network
VA- HighLife time [Nigerian and Ghanaian]
VA- Love, Peace and Goodwill 2014
VA- Rhythm of Resistance [doco soundtrack]
VA- Tin Whistle Jive

Zimbabwe- Bhundu Boys
—(1983) The Bhundu Boys
—(1987) True Jit


Amazon- VA- Indian Music of the Upper Amazon (Cocama, Shipibo, Campa, Conibo)
Andes- VA- Music of the Andes
Argentina- Kiepja, Lola
—(1972) Selk’nam Chants of Tierra del Fuego, Argentina

Brazil- Gilberto, Joao
—(1959) Chega de Saudade
—(1963) Getz-Gilberto [192]
—(1963) Getz-Gilberto [320]
—(2018) By Your Side
Brazil- VA- Music from Mato Grosso, Brazil

Carribean- Calypso Time
Central Amercia- VA- Rough Guide
Chile- VA- Ameridian Music of Chile
Cuba- Buena Vista Social Club
Cuba- VA- Album de la Revolucion Cubana
Cuba- VA- Chants De La Revolution Cubaine
Cuba- VA- Mambo Cubano
Cuba- VA- Mambo Mania!
Cuba- VA- Mas Mambo Mania [Rhino 2001]
Cuba- VA- Roots of Mambo 1930-1950
Cuba- VA- Rough Guide

Ecuador- VA- Music of the Jivaro of Ecuador

Haiti- Death in Haiti

Incas- Pachacamac
—(1973) Music of the Incas [World Record Club]

Peru- Sumac, Yma
—(1950-61) seven classic albums [2012]
——01 Voice of the Xtabay
——02 Legend of the Sun Virgin
——03 Inca Taqui
——04 Mambo
——05 Legend of the Jivaro
——06 Fuego del Ande
——07 Recital (Russian Tour) + Singles
—(2000) The Ultimate Yma Sumac Collection

USA- Nakai, R Carlos
—(1987) Earth Spirit
USA- VA- American Roots (Rough Guide)
USA- VA- Americian Indian – Ceremonial and War Dances
USA- VA- An Historical Album of Blackfoot Indian Music
USA- VA- Authentic Muisc of The American Indian
USA- VA- Eskimo Songs from Alaska [1966]
USA- VA- Gathering of Nations (Pow-Wow)
USA- VA- Healing Songs of the American Indians
USA- VA- Heartbeat- Voices of First Nations Women
USA- VA- Lost Bayou Ramblers
—(2003) Pilette Breakdown
USA- VA- Louisiana (Rough Guide)
USA- VA- Louisiana Creole Music
USA- VA- Tex-Mex
—Conjuntos Nortenos
USA- VA- Tex-Mex (A Taste of)
USA- VA- Tex-Mex (Rough Guide)
USA- VA- Tex-Mex Classics
—(2001) Tejano Picante- Tex-Mex Classics
USA- Zydeco, Buckwheat
—(1983) Turning Point


Greenland- Inuit Fifty-Five Historical Recordings (1905-1984)


Bali- Gamelan Music of Bali (Bhattacharya)
Bali- Gamelan Music of Bali [King]
Bali- Gamelan Orchestra
—(1952) Music from Bali [London concert]
Bali- Gamelans de Bali [BAM]
Bali- VA- From Kuno to Kebyar (Balinese Gamelan Angklung)
Burma-Myanmar- VA- Burmese Folk and Traditional Music

Central Asia- VA- Rough Guide
China – China’s Instrumental Heritage
China- Ming-Yeuh Liang, David
—(1980) Chinese Masterpieces for the Ch’in
China- VA- Rough Guide

India (Bhangra Dance)- VA- Rough Guide
India- Shakti
India- Shankar, Ravi
—(1956) Three Ragas
—(1958) India’s Master Musician
—(1958) The Sounds of India
—(1962) Improvisations
—(1966-82) Sitar Concertos and other works [1998]
—(1974) Shankar Family and Friends
—(1990) Passages
India- the Bauls of Bengal
Indonesia- VA- Music for the Gods

Japan- Ensemble Nipponia
—(1976) Japan- Traditional Vocal and Instrumental Music
Japan- Kabuki
—(1971) The Sounds of Kabuki [2006]
Japan- Kitaro
—(1979) Oasis
—(1980) Silk Road
—(1980) Silk Road II
—(1980) Silk Road III
—(1983) Silk Road IV
—(1983) Silver Cloud
—(1984) Live in Asia
—(1985) An Introduction
Japan- Koto Music (Unidentifed Artist)
Japan- Lee, Riley
—Waiting for the Angels
Japan- Matsuo, Keiko
—18th Century Traditional Music of Japan
Japan- Miyata, Kohachiro
—(1991) Shakuhachi (The Japanese Flute)
Japan- Nakamura, Akikazu
—(2001) Shakuhachi Music from Kyushu
Japan- The Tokyo Serenaders
—(1962) To Remember Japan
Japan- VA- Musical Treasures of Japan
Japan- VA- Rough Guide
Japan- Yamaguchi, Goro
—(1969) A Bell Ringing in the Empty Sky
—Japan- Yokoyama, Katsuya
—(1997) L’art du Shakuhachi


Aust- Campbell, Chris
—(1993) Meetings with Remarkable Alloys
—(1993) Ring of Fire
Aust- Darmin [John Cameron]
—(1993) Gaurdians of the Legend
Aust- Gilmore, Dame Mary
—(1989) The Hunter of the Black
Aust- James Cook’s First Voyage Around the World
Aust- Roach-Hudson-Hopkins
—(1990) Australia- Sound of the Earth
Aust- VA- Arnhem Land (vol 1)
Aust- VA- Australia
Aust- VA- Australian Aboriginal Music (Rough Guide)
Aust- VA- The Australian Aboriginal Heritage
Aust- VA- Tribal Music of Australia
Aust- Waak Waak Djungi
—(2018) Waak Waak ga Min MIn
Aust- VA- Wantok Music [label]
Aust-Swiss- Muller, Matthias
—Passion (1996)


Alps- VA- Rough Guide

Belgium- Mandolinman
—(2011) Old Tunes, Dusted Down
Bulgaria- Music from Bulgaria
—(year) Music from Bulgaria [h72011]

Celts- VA- Celtic Women (Rough Guide) [2012]

England-West Indies- VA- London is the Place for Me

France- Hallyday, Johnny
—(2017) GMFE Compilation
France- VA- Magnifique Great French Singers
France- VA- Parlez-Vous Dylan
France- VA- Simply Accordeon [2013]

Germany- Die Besten Tanzorchester Von Damals
Greece- VA- Rough Guide

Ireland- Chieftains, the
—(2010) San Patricio
Ireland- VA- Irish Music (Rough Guide) [2013]
Ireland- VA- Rough Guide

Norway- VA- Lappish Joik Songs from Northern Norway

Romani- VA- Rough Guide
Russia- Red Army Choir, the
—(1960s) The Red Army Choir
—(1963) Red Army Ensemble (vol 2) Live in London 1963
—(2001) the best of the Red Army Choir
Russia- VA- Echoes Of A Red Empire
—(2001) Echoes Of A Red Empire

Scotland-Spain- VA- Scots in the Spanish Civil War
—No Pasaran (They Shall Not Pass)
Spain- VA- Flamenco (Rough Guide)
Spain- VA- Songs of the Spanish Civil War vol 1
Spain- VA- Songs of the Spanish Civil War vol 2
Swiss-Aust- Muller, Matthias
—Passion (1996)


Armenia- Muradian Ensemble
—(1998) Anoush- Armenian Dances
Armenia- VA- The Music of Armenia [1-6]

Israel- Haza, Ofra
—(1984) Im Nin’ Alu [maxi-single]
—(1984) Yemenite Songs
—(2000) Greatest Hits [Hed Arzi Music]

Klezmer- VA- Rough Guide

Turkey- VA- Rough Guide


Hawaii- Pahinui, Gabby
—(1975) The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band, Vol. I [1975]
—(1977) The Gabby Pahinui Hawaiian Band, Vol. II [1977]
—(1978) Pure Gabby
Hawaii- Steel Guitar Classics
—(1993) Hawaiian Steel Guitar Classics 1927-1938
Papua New Guinea
—(1978) Music of the New Guinea Wape [folkways]
Solomon Islands
—(1970) Musique de Guadalcanal (Ocora)
South Pacific – Island Music

GLOBAL (non-specific regions)

VA- Exotica
VA- Global Voices
VA- Primitive Music of The World
VA- Secret Museum of Mankind