Various Artists: Jazz West Coast (vol. 1) (1955)

Series: An Anthology of California Music

Jazz West Coast (1)

Track list:

A1 01. Bockhanal -Chet Baker Ensemble
A2 02. Soft Shoe -Gerry Mulligan Quartet
A3 03. Tiny Capers -Clifford Brown Ensemble
A4 04. I’ll Remember April -Zoot Sims Quartet
A5 05. Wailing Vessel -Bud Shank & 3 Trombones
A6 06. Happy Little Sunbeam -Chet Baker Quartet
A7 07. It Had To Be You -Bill Perkins & Bud Shank

B1 08. Low Life -Bud Shank & Bob Brookmeyer
B2 09. There Will Never Be Another You -Chet Baker Quintet
B3 10. Lotus Bud -Bud Shank & Shorty Rogers
B4 11. Darn That Dream -Gerry Mulligan Quartet
B5 12. Speak Low -Laurindo Almeida Quartet
B6 13. Two Can Play -Bob Gordon & Jack Montrose
B7 14. Oh, Lady Be Good -Lee Konitz with Gerry Mulligan Quartet


01 – Bockhanal // Chet Baker Ensemble
Chet Baker (tp), Herb Geller (as), Jack Montrose (ts), Bob Gordon (bs), Russ Freeman (p), Joe Mondragon (b), Shelly Manne (dr)

02 – Soft Shoe // Gerry Mulligan Quartet
Jon Eardley (tp), Gerry Mulligan (bs), Red Mitchell (b), Chico Hamilton (dr)

03 – Tiny Capers // Clifford Brown Ensemble
Clifford Brown (tp), Stu Williamson (v trb), Zoot Sims (ts), Bob Gordon (bs), Russ Freeman (p), Carson Smith (b), Shelly Manne (dr)

04 – I’ll Remember April // Zoot Sims Quartet
Zoot Sims (ts), Bob Brookmeyer (p), Red Mitchell (b), Larry Bunker (dr)

05 – Wailing Vessel // Bud Shank & 3 Trombones
Bob Enevoldsen (v trb), Maynard Ferguson (v trb), Stu Williamson (v trb), Bud Shank (as), Claude Williamson (p), Joe Mondragon (b), Shelly Manne (dr)

06 – Happy Little Sunbeam // Chet Baker Quartet
Chet Baker (tp), Russ Freeman (p), Carson Smith (b), Larry Bunker (dr)

07 – It Had To Be You // Bill Perkins & Bud Shank
Bill Perkins (ts), Bud Shank (ts), Hampton Hawes (p), Red Mitchell (b), Mel Lewis (dr)

08 – Low Life // Bud Shank & Bob Brookmeyer
Bob Brookmeyer (v trb), Bud Shank (as), Claude Williamson (p), Buddy Clarke (b), Larry Bunker (dr) with strings

09 – There Will Never Be Another You // Chet Baker Quintet
Chet Baker (tp), Jimmy Giuffre (cl), Russ Freeman (p), Carson Smith (b), Bob Neel (dr)

10 – Lotus Bud // Bud Shank & Shorty Rogers
Shorty Rogers (flh), Bud Shank (fl), Jimmy Rowles (p), Harry Babasin (b), Roy Harte (dr)

11 – Darn That Dream // Gerry Mulligan Quartet
Chet Baker (tp), Gerry Mulligan (bs), Carson Smith (b), Larry Bunker (dr)

12 – Speak Low // Laurindo Almeida Quartet
Bud Shank (as), Laurindo Almeida (g), Harry Babasin (b), Roy Harte (dr)

13 – Two Can Play // Bob Gordon & Jack Montrose
Jack Montrose (ts), Bob Gordon (bs), Paul Moer (p), Joe Mondragon (b), Billy Schneider (dr)

14 – Oh, Lady Be Good // Lee Konitz with Gerry Mulligan Quartet
Chet Baker (tp), Lee Konitz (as), Gerry Mulligan (bs), Joe Mondragon (b), Larry Bunker (dr)

This compilation:
Released: 1955
Label: Pacific Jazz Records – JWC 500
A Richard Bock Production
Liner notes: Will MacFarland

”   The companion book of Jazz West Coast contains over 100 photographs by William Claxton, with articles, discography and a history of West Coast Jazz. …   “